10 Creative Ways To Reuse Your Christmas Lights

Photo credit: instagram.com/lichipan
Photo credit: instagram.com/lichipan

Christmas is over, but the jolly atmosphere that it embodies shouldn’t have to end. So if you’re like us – adults who can’t seem to get over the charm of Christmas – here are some creative ways that you can reuse your Christmas lights to channel some of the holiday warmth and joy throughout your apartment all year round, regardless of the month.

1. Light Up The Dining Room


Bored of the conventional lamps? Try stringing pretty little bulbs on the walls of your dining area to create a soft, gentle glow.

2. Deck The Halls With Lights

Photo credit: cuded.com

Spruce up your hallway with Christmas lights! If you want to kick it up a notch, shop for snowflake-shaped ones and drape them across the ceiling, over the panes of your mirror and down the side of the walls.

3. Create a Cosy Bedroom


Apart from purchasing Boho-chic bedspreads and matching pillowcases, you can always hang Christmas lights on the walls over your bed – or if you’re lucky enough to own a canopy over your bed, the lights would look great falling against the soft white fabric.

4. Have A Lit Photo Wall


Photo frames are so last season. Display your favourite memories on the wall by clipping them along with your Christmas lights! You can use big wooden clothing pegs or purchase tiny ones from the nearest craft store. Either way, this set up looks awesome.

6. Create Glowing Bottles


Bored of draping your lights across the wall? Store them in glass bottles and light them up so they’ll glow resplendently wherever they are. Pretty neat, eh?

7. String Those Lights With Leaves

Photo credit: Homey Oh My

Thinking of a non-conventional way to display your lights? Twine them around a long string of foliage and tape or pin it to the wall. This adds instant charm to any dull space.

8. Hang Them In Your Room


In our opinion, every room could use these gorgeous Christmas lights. They soften the atmosphere with their gentle glow.

9. Have A Starry Curtain


Who said lights are only reserved for the ceilings, floors and walls? Don’t neglect your windows. Be creative and hang star-shaped Christmas lights over the glass panes.

10. Branch It Out

photo wall with christmas lights
Photo credit: La Cartera Rota

A long tree branch can be a great prop for your wall. Curl your Christmas lights around it to soften the look and infuse character to the space.

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written by Carissa Gan