Dermal Fillers Singapore: What Are The Side Effects?

Are you like many who find skincare routines – with snail slime masks and mushroom serum – a bore? But do you still want to achieve that young and glowing look despite the hot and humid climate of Singapore? In that case, dermal fillers are a longer-term and effective option for you. For one, they are more comprehensive than botox, quicker and longer-lasting than a facelift, but not as permanent or invasive as plastic surgery.

As its name suggests, the procedure uses natural or synthetic ‘fillers’ injected under the skin to smoothen out lines and wrinkles, plump out lips, and help shape chins and noses for the desired perfect look. The effects can last anywhere from a month to half a year depending on the type of filler used.

Photo credit: Privé Clinic Singapore

Treatments are performed in certified medical facilities by trained doctors that adhere to the strictest medical and safety standards in Singapore, who will work with you to determine your best option based on your needs. As most cosmetic treatments go, the general risks and side effects for dermal fillers are pretty standard and goes away over time. Your doctor will advise you on the risks, which include:

1. Itching

You might be sensitive to certain types of fillers that could cause skin rash and itching around the treatment site. Your doctor will work with you to determine which option is the best for you and perform skin tests before the procedure to mitigate these risks.

2. Bruising

Some bruising, bleeding and swelling may occur around the injection site, but this generally subsides after a few days.

3. Skin Discolouration

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Irritation from the procedure may cause skin redness or a rare bluish discolouration. These tend to last longer than initial bruising and itching, although simple treatments are available to manage them.  

4. Allergies

Depending on the source of filler used, you risk developing an allergic reaction to the treatment. Again, your doctor will work with you and review your medical history before proceeding with the treatment to avoid treatments that can cause your allergies to flare up.

5. Lumps

How severe lumps are depends on the type of filler used – naturally-derived fillers are absorbed gradually and tend to give smoother and more even results, but longer-lasting synthetic ones can form lumps and bumps under the skin. In severe cases, these will have to be removed through surgery.

6. Over or Under-Correction

Sometimes the treatment might not reach the desired effect, either not fully smoothing out wrinkles to your satisfaction or volumizing your chin too prominently. This is usually not permanent as the treatment wears off over time.

7. Infection

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If not performed and cared for properly, the injection site might risk getting infected – it’s integral to have a certified professional do it and follow proper aftercare procedures.

Like any other cosmetic procedure, it’s a personal choice and not without its risks as rare cases of permanent disfigurement, blindness or nerve paralysis have occurred. But as scary as they seem, it’s a relatively safe, affordable and effective option for a more youthful and desirable look.

Should you be looking for facial dermal fillers treatment in Singapore, ensure that the service providers are reputable.

A professional will always discuss with you your wants, needs and comfort level, ensuring you understand the risks and benefits before proceeding with the treatment so you’re fully empowered to make the right choice.