The Differences Between The Aircon Servicing Types

Choosing the right aircon service for your aircon unit is as important as having your aircon serviced on a regular basis. The 3 types of aircon servicing that we provide have different features which better serve different purposes. Eager to find out the differences? You came to the right place.


1.  General Aircon Servicing 



General aircon servicing is a simple cleaning method but it certainly gets the job done! This aircon servicing is a basic vacuuming and servicing to clean the entirety of the indoor aircon unit including the air filter, front panel, cover, indoor evaporator coil, the drainage system and checking the outdoor condenser coil, deodorizing and purifying filter.

The main purpose of this aircon servicing is to help improve the airflow of your aircon unit. By cleaning the aircon filter, collected dust will be removed allowing cool air to flow normally instead of being trapped by the built-up dust.

If you have your aircon serviced regularly, this is the type of servicing for you. Hire our professionals at the lowest price in town and enjoy a great aircon servicing and other great benefits. 


2. Aircon Chemical Servicing



The name of this aircon servicing method already gives it away. Aircon chemical servicing is an effective servicing method using eco-friendly chemical solutions and water bag technology to clean the entire indoor and outdoor unit.

This aircon servicing method can be considered to be a deep cleaning for your aircon. It helps to wash away dust and dirt accumulated on the internal parts while also reducing corrosion and controlling or eliminating the growth of molds. We recommend getting your aircon unit chemically cleaned once every 3 months to increase your aircon’s cooling efficiency.  

If your aircon isn’t cooling your space as efficiently as it used to or you haven’t had your aircon serviced in the past 6 months, book the best aircon chemical servicing with the lowest price guaranteed.


3. Aircon Chemical Overhaul 



If you want the best of the best cleaning for your aircon, this will be the best option for you. Aircon chemical overhaul is a thorough servicing method by disassembling the entire indoor unit and washing every component individually using an eco-friendly chemical solution.

The most unique features of this cleaning method is being able to have your aircon parts disassembled, checked and cleaned. This allows the detection of any faulty parts or components in your aircon unit so it can be replaced before suddenly causing more major problems in the future. 

If you haven’t had your aircon serviced for the past year or so, having a chemical overhaul twice a year will help restore and maintain your aircon’s performance because this method gets rid of the blockage of the vents caused by the accumulation of dust particles or dirt.

Now that you know the differences between the 3 types of aircon servicing, it’s time to book your aircon servicing. Hire our professionals now at the best price guaranteed