Easy Tips To Get Rid Of Common Household Pests

Household pests – your standard ‘freeloading’ cockroaches, rats, and house lizards – are a nuisance that put your family’s health and wellbeing on the line. They’re gross, carry diseases, and are, quite honestly, terrifying to step on when you’re up for a bathroom break in the middle of the night.

Pest control
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Pest Control

You’ve surely experienced this before: once pests get a foothold in your house, they’re not likely going to back down without a fight (and a large bill from pest control). It’s a whole lot better to prevent them from invading your home in the first place.


These easy tips will get you started:


Repelling Reptiles

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1. Repel With Garlic And Egg Shells

Lizards are deterred by the smell of garlic and egg shells, so leaving them out will repel these creepy crawlies. Switch them out for fresh ones from time to time to ensure efficacy and avoid mold!


2. Seal The Gaps

Lizards thrive in crawlspaces – between walls and furniture, the back of fridges, any nook or cranny you can think of. You can’t fully avoid gaps, but sealing cracks or breaks in your home can help deter lizards from entering. You can do so yourself with putty or caulk from the D.I.Y store, or get an expert to help you out.


3. Use Home-made ‘Lizard Balls’

If these icky reptiles manage to find their way into your house, repel with a home-made ‘lizard ball’. You can makes these with a mixture of tobacco and coffee powder, packed together tightly and left in strategic high-traffic lizard routes. However, be warned that these balls are poisonous to lizards.


Ridding Rodents

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1. Keep Clean

The rule of thumb to keep rats and mice – or any other pest – out is to clean your house regularly to eliminate food scraps and undisturbed nooks for them to nest in. A bi-yearly thorough cleanse of your home can also help. Like with lizards, seal off potential entrances and bolt holes in your ceiling and walls to prevent them from coming in the first place.

2. Chase Them Out

Rodents are repelled by over-the-counter pest repellent, like mothballs and the nasty-smelling ammonia. However, if you can’t stand the smell of either, dried mint leaves and peppermint oil works as a better-smelling alternative.

3. Trap Them

You can also get rid of rodents with mousetraps. However, use these wisely as rodents are quick learners that can learn to avoid and outsmart these traps.


Removing Roaches

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1. Clean, Clean, Clean

Roaches thrive in dirty and undisturbed environment, so a quick dusting from time to time helps to keep them out. Keeping your home clean by ensuring that your sink traps are emptied, trash is taken out, and no ‘appetising’ rubbish is present for roaches to feast on will deter them from infesting your home.


2. Dehydrate

Do you find lots or roaches in your bathroom? Roaches are resilient and can often go for months without food, but expire quickly without water. Eliminating the roaches’ water source will often get rid of them as well, so take note to fix leaky pipes and throw out standing water.

3. Bubbles…?

Bubbles are fun, and soapy ones are clean. So in true poetic justice bubbles are lethal to cockroaches. Like other insects cockroaches breathe through their skin, so bubbles will, according to blogger Sylvia Tramos, cause them to suffocate and die. Otherwise, regular cockroach bait and pesticides work as well, although bubbles are often a more fun and kid- and pet-friendly alternative.

Pest Control

Prevention is always better than cure, but if you find yourself facing a pest problem, get professional help eliminating them through Kaodim today!