Easy Ways To Maintain Your Home


Your home is supposed to be your safe haven – the one place you can truly be yourself. So don’t let it fall to disrepair. These simple reminders will help you learn the importance of home maintenance and how to keep it in its best shape.

Fix The Door Hinges

Photo credit: architonic.com

The constant opening and closing of your doors will definitely wear and tear the hinges. If the hinges aren’t well oiled, this will also cause them to rust due to oxidisation, which leads to them breaking down completely. Apply WD40 to those hinges to make them as good as new!

Check The Plumbing At Home

plumber fixing pipe

Plumbing does not last forever. Over a certain amount of time, the pipes can corrode or have gunk stuck in it. Hiring a plumber will be your best bet here in ensuring you don’t end up with leaky pipes.

Fix the Wallpaper

If you have installed wallpaper in your house, it might start to peel off after a while. This is not a pretty sight, so pop into any hardware shop and buy wallpaper paste. This can be used to glue the wallpaper back to perfection.

Service Your Air Conditioner

Rear View Of A Man Cleaning Air Conditioning System

Checking the filters of your air conditioner is very important. If you don’t clean the filters, dust will get stuck there and you will not have a fully optimised AC unit. You could always get a service specialist to look into this for you or to refill the gas.

These are just a few of the many things you need to check up on to maintain your precious home. So if you need some extra help with cleaning and renovating, just head on over to Kaodim and we will gladly find you the perfect service professionals to assist in your home maintenance.

written by Tashya Viknesh