Edwin of Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. Shares How Kaodim Helped His Cleaning Business

“Our monthly business revenue has increased about 20-30% since we joined Kaodim.”

edwin of dew homes

“What I like about Kaodim is that the app brings in customers who are looking for housekeeping services, which it is something my company provides,” Edwin Lim said. He runs Dew Homes, a company specialising in providing hassle-free and quality housekeeping services. The company first joined Kaodim in 2015 and its monthly business revenue has increased approximately 20-30% ever since.

KAODIM: Hi Edwin, how long have you joined Kaodim and how has Kaodim helped your business?

I joined Kaodim in 2015 and the app has definitely helped me in terms of growing my business. Kaodim links customers to us and with the app, our monthly business revenue has increased about 20-30%.

Can you tell us what are the values you saw in Kaodim?

There is one thing that I really appreciate from Kaodim, which is how you guys are always exploring ways to help new businesses like us to grow. The team makes an effort in aliasing with us and understanding our needs so that the service providers are able to perform better. The chat feature in the app also allows us to contact the technical team whenever we need clarification or have technical issues, and they always reply immediately!

In your opinion, what makes Dew Home stands out from the rest?

Dew Home places high emphasis on our work quality, where we always provide hassle-free and quality housekeeping services to all our customers.

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written by Shee Wen

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