Finding The Right One (The Coffee-Table Edition)

Looking for the right coffee table for your home, is just like looking for the right partner in your life. You must be wondering, wait what? Why? Let us break it down for you.

To find the right one, here are some vital questions you have to think through.

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1. Are The Vibes Right?

Yes, we’re starting our list with the most abstract question. Now, we know when we fall in love, it isn’t something we can logically explain, the vibe just feels right and our personalities automatically click.

It works the same for your coffee tables! At first sight you’d know if the coffee table screams your personality, and if it will blend in well with the rest of your home furnishing and decoration. Chances are, if the vibes are not right, you would not give it more time, nor linger around it any longer.

2. Are You Realistically Compatible?

If you get the vibes right, your next step would be to arrange for more dates. Over these dates, you start to realise if you’re realistically compatible with one another. Say you have certain expectations of your ideal partner, like their height, their build, and more (you get the drift).

Similarly, even the coffee table of your dreams may not come in the right dimensions that would make functional sense for your home. Imagine a coffee table that is way higher than your sofa, how are you going to reach for your drink when you’re lounging?

3. What Would Your Family Say?

When you make a huge decision like this, you have to factor in the opinions of your family. We often get anxious when we first bring our partners home, for that first family meal together.

In the same vein, remember to think about what the rest of your family is going to think about the coffee table that is going to be in a common area. Take into consideration how many cups it can hold at once, and if your family is likely to enjoy this purchase as much as you do. What would they prefer? Better to get something that meets everyone’s expectations.

4. High/Low Maintenance?

After dating your partner for awhile, you may start to realise your lifestyles are not the best match. Maybe he/she is what we locally term “high maintenance”, and you can’t keep up to that lifestyle.

When you get your coffee table, remember to think of this too! For example, we know marble coffee tables are all the rave now, but it is really costly to maintain. Are you willing to take care of it for the rest of its life, then? #lifedecisions

5. Easy/Hard To Get?

After all that dating “assessment”, you’d have a vague gauge on how likely your date is willing to start a relationship with you. If he/she is “hard to get”, are you willing to go the extra mile and chase after this dream relationship?

You’ve got to make this decision if your coffee table is really hard to get too. Perhaps you have to resort to customising it in order to get the look you want instead of getting it off the shelf. Is it worth the time? We’ll let you decide.


So… have you found the right one? Remember to hunt for the (coffee table) love of your life with those questions in mind!


P.S. Kaodim’s founder once said that it is possible to love more than one at the same time. We finally figured what he really meant was loving his wife, and his coffee table concurrently.