Fresh Ways to Decorate Your Apartment with White Walls

White walls have become the cornerstone of minimalist and Scandinavian home designs, and to those who think that white is a dull colour, we beg to differ. If paired with the right elements and furniture, an all-white apartment can look extra spacious and elegant!

Here’s how:

Decorate White Walls With Art

white wall bedroom
Photo credit: BoSthlm / Mäklare Johanna Åhman

Using framed photographs – especially black and white – on the wall will create a nice contrast against the white backdrop. Don’t be afraid to transform the wall into your very own creative gallery and hang up other artwork that blends nicely with the surrounding. You can also throw in some printed rugs and blankets to infuse cosiness to the room.

Pair White With White

white tiles - kitchen morgan schemel
Photo credit: Morgan Schemel

As long as you have contrasting textures such as wood and steel in the space, you shouldn’t have to worry about having an all-white kitchen. In fact, white cabinets against those white tiled walls create a rather luxurious kitchen setting.

Exposed Brick Walls Are Trending

white walls - exposed brick
Photo credit: Gravity Home

Exposed brick walls juxtapose white in a modern, contempory loft-like setting and we love how raw and unfiltered the bricks are.

Colour The Room

white walls and sofa - gravityhomewhite walls and sofa - gravityhome
Photo credit: Gravity Home

The trick to brighten up a plain space is to add colours into the mix, such as a triptych painting, a dark gray couch with two pops of mustard yellow cushions, and plants.

Plants Add Freshness

white walls - plants imoutsidelookingin
Photo credit: imoutsidelookingin

Plants are a great way to freshen up the apartment and liven things up. The vibrant green leaves stand out nicely among neutral shades of white, gray and brown. And let’s not forget that plants are also budget-friendly ways to spruce up your room while adding texture, height and architectural elements to the room.

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written by Carissa Gan