Get compensated if our cleaners are 20 minutes late. Find out how.

Reasons your cleaner may be late? There are many reasons for your cleaners being late from an overrun of time from a previous job, bad traffic or medical emergencies which may unfortunately disrupt your service. Therefore, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the scheduling and timing of the service providers to make your experience better. Here are a few questions you might have regarding your cleaners being late. 

What will Kaodim do if I report my lateness? 

We thank you for your reporting as it will help us improve our timeliness with the service providers. We will compensate and give you a service discount too for your trouble as we understand how cleaners being late may have an impact on your personal schedule. 


What is Kaodim doing to manage the timeliness of the cleaners? 

We advise our cleaners on ways to reduce lateness and manage time to help minimise any service delays. The customer needs to be well informed too in order to reduce disruption.


How do I report the cleaner’s lateness?

You can reach out to Kaodim Support in our app just select more > support > report an issue to submit a ticket to our customer service team and they will respond to your issue as soon as possible. You can also chat with our customer service team to raise this issue, our customer service team is ready to assist you even on weekends. 


Can I cancel the job if Kaodim cleaners are late? Will there be a penalty? 

Yes, you may cancel the job if the cleaners are more than 20 minutes late. However, please notify the vendor on your intention to cancel the service. No penalty will be charged.

We hope this blog gives you more information and would make your experience with us a pleasant one in the future.

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