How To Get Deliciously Dark Rooms At Home

dark interior
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Home decor magazines usually recommend homeowners to go for bright rooms instead of dark ones. It’s true that bright spaces tend to have a higher resale value. However, rooms with dark interior decor are now slowly gaining popularity.

Dark rooms exude an almost avant-garde kind of elegance. They’re also really cosy and cool, traits that are desirable in a Southeast Asian country. Here’s how you can create a deliciously dark room to chill in at home:

1. Pick the room that receives the most sunlight

dark room bright light
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It might seem ironic to make a bright room into a dark one, but this is actually essential. A room that receives ample sunlight will feel cosy and comfy with dark decor. However, a room with minimal sunlight in the same decor will give out a dampish quality.

2. Paint the walls with a dark colour

dark blue walls
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The colours of your walls will determine the mood and temperature of the room. In this case, we’re going for something cool. Opt for colours like navy, midnight green, indigo, or black if you’re bold enough. Otherwise, any shade of grey will do too.

3. Go for dark-coloured curtains

dark blue curtains
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Curtains are the easiest and fastest way to set the overall look and feel of the room. Go for a colour that matches the wall for better effect.

4. Use statement pieces to add some colour

bright chandelier statement piece
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You want a nice dark room, not a gloomy one. To avoid making it look boring, add one or two statement pieces with bright colours to give the room some character. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge furniture, painting, or sculpture; any light installation and glassware can be a statement piece too.

5. Install more lights

lamp in dark room
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You need good lighting not only to enhance the decor, but also to help you avoid accidents. Consider installing ceiling and wall lighting, as well as desk or standing lamps as good sources of light.

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written by Esther Chung