Should You Get Marble Or Granite Countertops?

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Can’t decide between granite and marble countertops? Both of them are attractive and extremely popular these days, so it’s a solid dilemma. Don’t worry, we’re going to introduce you to the pros and cons of these stones from various aspects, so consider these facts carefully before you make your final pick.



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The physical appearance of granite is quite different when compared to marble. Granite comprises a variety of colours due to the various stones in it, with common ones being quartz or even feldspar. Due to their varying shades, these stones make every block of granite a creative masterpiece.


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Marble is very favoured choice among Singaporeans. White-grey is the most common type, with dark streaks cutting through the white. You can also find grayish-blue and cream marble slabs in many homes. The streaks are a result of mineral impurities over the years. 


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Granite is much more low maintenance than marble. Because they’re both porous, every spill requires immediate attention to avoid it seeping into the stones. However, the effects from spills are a lot less harsh on a granite countertop.


Light-coloured marble countertops would require more attention because the of the colour and the fact that they are much more porous than granite. Acidic liquids are especially dangerous because they can create stains that can never be removed. However, sealants can help with both the countertops, but you need to be very careful with marble countertops. It is recommended that you reseal the countertop twice a year. 

Stain Removal

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Since both marble and granite can be stained, the biggest difference between these two materials is the severity of the stain. So the safest option would be to wipe the stain off immediately. Some spills will only stain the top surface, making it easier to clean with stain removers but others can seep into the stones and change the chemical materials of the countertop. For professional help, contact our top-rated cleaners for fixed, affordable prices!


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The prices of granite countertops depend on the quality and make of it, including the installation. Marble has been proven to instill class and luxury, so it does not come with a cheap price tag either. Although the cost does vary because of its appearance and the quality of the build, marble is a more expensive choice of material compared to granite.

So In A Nutshell… Granite Or Marble?

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If you’re looking for something affordable, durable and functional, we’d recommend going for granite. There’s a saying that you’ll ruin your knife before you ruin your granite countertop, which speaks volumes of the surface’s sturdiness. You also have a wide range of stones to choose from, and each lends a different appeal to the overall look and feel of the room. Granite countertops can suit both the kitchen and the bathroom due to their functionality and durability.

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On the other hand, marble countertops are more expensive and would require  more maintenance. The bright side is that they’re effortlessly elegant and will add sophistication to any room. They’re also able to take the heat very well. A hot pan or curling iron won’t damage the surface. On top of that, they’re fairly easy to clean – mixing warm water and dish soap works well for a quick general wipe, while leaving baking soda and water overnight on the surface has been proven to remove stains.

Note Of Caution:

However, our expert home contractors would recommend going for porcelain marble countertops, and to refrain from having marble countertops in your kitchen. Due to the porous nature or marble and its overall structure, it isn’t as durable as granite and wouldn’t do very well in the kitchen. Knives and other heavy kitchen appliances can easily scratch or chip away at its precious surface. So if you absolutely want a marble countertop, install it in your bathroom.

Choosing between these two textures can be tough, so should you require professional advice before installing a new countertop, head on over to Kaodim to get in touch with professional home contractors. We also have cleaners who are well-experienced and knowledgable in dealing with the upkeeping of such surfaces. Our trusted service providers know what’s best for your home and yourself.

written by Tashya Viknesh & Carissa Gan