How to Make Your Home Look Great in Photographs

A picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes, they’re the only words that a prospective home buyer is willing to listen to. Thus, making your home look great in photos is of the utmost importance, whether you’re looking to sell it soon or in the long term. Unfortunately, angles, camera lenses, and photo editing softwares can only do so much. Your home needs to look great in real life in order to do so in photos too.

Here are some ways to make your home picturesque:

1. Let there be light

bright home interior
Photo credit: Gravity Home

Great lighting is not just a practical feature to have in every house, it’ll also make your place look good in photos. Most buyers would prefer to have a property that’s well-lit as it makes it look more spacious. It’s also more convenient for people to buy homes with sufficient lighting installed, as they won’t need to buy more lamps or hire a contractor.

2. Install a statement piece

living room statement piece
Photo credit: Real Simple

Every house should have a statement piece: it could be a painting, a piano, designer furniture, an antique vase, or even some unique lighting installation. This piece of decor lends some character to the space, and is great for when you need to set the mood for the room. It also exudes class and style, with the possibility of fetching you a higher price on the listings.

3. Show off your built-in furniture

built-in wardrobe
Photo credit: VSP Interiors

Snap a photo of your built-in wardrobe or kitchen cabinet. It’s something you should show off as it usually looks great on photos, and thus makes your listing a lot more attractive. Having built-in furniture can also increase your property’s value as it’s something unique to your own home, which others can’t offer.

4. Minimise the clutter

spacious kitchen
Photo credit: House

Too much furniture or decorative items can make your space look small, which translates into a dark and even narrower space in photos. Make sure each room has ample walking space, store your utensils in drawers and rearrange your furniture to present a spacious view of your home.

5. Go neutral

neutral colour bedroom
Photo credit: Homedit

Neutral colours are timeless. Beige, cream, white and light grey will never make your rooms look old-fashioned, and you never need to worry that it looks too ‘last season’. They never go out of style, hence included as a must-have element in the classic home decor style. Rooms with neutral colours also look more luxurious on photos, which may guarantee you a better deal. Keep this in mind if you’re giving your walls a fresh paint.

6. Don’t forget the outdoors

Photo credit: Home & Garden

Home buyers will also be curious about the view they’re getting. So let them know how the exterior will look like on the photos! Be sure to make sure your lawn is mowed and the patio swept clean. It also helps set expectations when they come to check out the property.

7. Get nice doors

bedroom sliding door
Photo credit: beeyoutifulllife

Most people overlook the powers doors have. A unique or nicely maintained door is a something worth shouting about in your listing’s photos. Interior doors don’t necessarily have to have extraordinary designs or expensive. A simple but clean sliding door will suffice. If you have a door that’s unique, like the one pictured above, it could be an added value too!

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