Go Beyond Normal Cleaning – Here’s Why Disinfecting Is Important

Besides the general cleaning services that we have been providing, we hear your increasing requests for us to Kaodim your deep cleaning needs as well. On that note, we’re glad to share that we would be pioneering a new service on our platform – Professional Deep Cleaning and Disinfection.

Image credit: Sureclean Pte Ltd

This newly added service boasts not only disinfection cleaning, it also brings about a complete improvement to your home environment. To help you better understand the nuances of this service, we spoke to Sureclean Pte Ltd, one of our trusted vendors on this new service type.

Sureclean is a pioneer in Professional Deep Cleaning and Disinfection, having won many awards and certifications on our sunny island. They have been serving residential homes, and in particular, notable pre-schools like MindChamp Preschool, Kinderland and more.

You may be wondering how is this different from the general cleaning services we already provide. Here’s a quick breakdown.


Image credit: Sureclean Pte Ltd

Deep cleaning and disinfection are especially important if you have children at home as it prevents them from being exposed to germs. Proper disinfection can control and reduce the risk of children contracting infectious diseases, such as the common Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease (HFMD) at childcare centres as well as at home.

That said, regular deep cleaning is essential even for a home full of grown-ups. Adults are exposed to even more germs throughout the day, and these nasties do tag along and follow you home.

Another common mistake that homeowners make is using bleach to disinfect their homes, without knowing that the fumes emitted are potentially harmful to the human body. Instead, bringing in a professional like Sureclean gives you perfectly safe deep cleaning and disinfection at home, as they have the tools to reach the small corners that you’re unable to yourself. Instead of chemical toxins, you might even get to smell nice fragrances after the service!

With the humid weather incubating germs around the house, it may be the perfect time to keep your safe haven germ-free. To celebrate the launch of this new service type, we’re guaranteeing $100 discounts to the first 20 customers to book and make payment*, so wait no more and submit a request now!



This article is created in collaboration with Sureclean Pte Ltd, one of our top vendors who is working together with us in launching this new service type.

* Terms and conditions apply. Job request must be made via Kaodim platform and approved by both Kaodim and the vendor. Payment must be made to vendor to qualify for discount. Vendor will contact customer and advise on timely payment schedule for customer to enjoy full discount. Valid for first 20 customers only. Next 100 customers (i.e. request #21 to 120) will enjoy a discount of $50 with the above terms and conditions holding constant.