The Great Singapore Sale: What To Get For Your Apartment

One of the worst things in life is coming home to a boring apartment that does not feel like home. Your apartment is your safe haven, but living in a small home means you have less space to work with, and it’s tough to shop for decorative stuff without the risk of over-cluttering your place. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot beautify your apartment to your liking. Now with the Great Singapore Sale going on, you’re in luck because this is the best time to revamp your apartment while saving some big bucks!

Shop For Sofas

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Never underestimate a good sofa. The couch you purchase can make or break the comfort of your home, the aesthetics and most importantly, the feng shui or the flow of the apartment. Before making that important purchase, make sure you have the proper measurements of the sofa so that it doesn’t clash with the limited space in your apartment. The first type of sofa would be a sectional. This type adds style and elegance while being highly functional as well.

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Another great space-saving sofa to get would be the sofa bed. It does exactly what its name suggests. This sofa conveniently converts into a bed as well, which works well for tiny apartments with limited space. So if you can’t afford to fit the sectional sofa, get this instead. is offering a huge discount on sofa beds, while maintaining the elegance of your home.

Decorate Your Walls With Art

living room with pictures

Bare walls are boring, so why not invest in unique wall art for your home? After all, they say that pictures speak louder than words. Lining your walls with photographs or paintings is a great way to let your personality and style shine through. Art can liven up your room and eradicate those boring apartment blues through pretty hues and interesting textures. Start shopping for wall candies during the Great Singapore Sale! For your kitchen, get an outstanding piece of art that serves as a focal point to make the room look much neater and cleaner.

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For the bedroom, a honeycomb wall art would earn you extra cool points for being artistic and unique. This design would brighten your space and complement the rest of the furniture in your room.


A little indoor greenery goes a long way. Plants inject life into your apartment and they have an overall calming effect that would make any home much more personal. So what type of plants should you get?

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Well, a Snake Plant would be one of the most tolerant ones out there, because it is easy to care for and doesn’t require much maintenance.

succulent plants
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You could also invest in a succulent, a kind of cactus that is also incredibly handy to maintain. Succulents only need to be watered every 2 or 3 days. You can buy a few of them and place them across the house.

It’s not that hard to beautify your apartment. Maximise the Great Singapore Sale to invest in some interesting furniture and decor! And if you need extra assistance in redecorating or remodeling your apartment, head on over to Kaodim for free quotes from interior designers and home contractors to make the process a whole lot easier. At Kaodim, you get to compare prices, read user reviews and study their portfolios before you hire the perfect professionals.