Are You Guilty Of These Common Interior Design Mistakes?

Designing an apartment might seem easy as you’re visualising the ideas in your head, but when it’s actually time to execute them, that’s when things get awkward. The sofa that you thought would look great in the living room suddenly seems out of place, or the new light fixture you installed doesn’t really illuminate the room at all. It’s okay – not all of us are professionally trained interior designers, so there are bound to be mistakes. Thanks to our pool of expert interior stylists, we can help you identify some of the most common decorating mishaps and how to avoid them completely.

Constant Cluttering

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Over-cluttering is a problem that will start to take over your home sooner or later. Less is definitely more here. Having too much stuff disrupts the calm flow of the house and will soon become a distraction. Before you turn into a hoarder, this issue can be easily remedied by setting time aside to organising your stuff into things you really need, things that really matter and things you can live without. For the latter, you should throw or donate those things away.

Loathsome Lighting

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Do not become a victim to horrible lighting. If you think just one central piece of light will make your home look great, think again. There is a rule of thumb that you need at least 2 to 3 sources of light to create an even glow. Try installing dimmers as well so you can have a better control of your ambience lighting. Also, avoid blocking the windows because that prevents natural light from flowing in.

Limited Variety

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You know that awkward moment when you arrive at a party only to see someone else wearing the exact same outfit? That’s why you should avoid buying everything from the same place, because it may start to feel familiar to some people. Imagine walking into someone’s house and seeing your wooden coffee table there. There’s no sense of personal belonging or uniqueness. Do your research and find a unique piece that will make your home stand out. A well-thought out space will ensure that your personality shines through.

Backing Up Furniture To Walls

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We understand the dilemma with small apartments. You may think that pushing your furniture against the wall will create a bigger space, but that’s where you’re wrong. Not only will your walls suffer stains from the furniture, but creating too much space will affect the intimate setting. Therefore, creating a smaller group of furniture ensures that the flow of the room is nicely distributed.

Hiding Your Windows

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The mistake of hanging your curtains rods too low will make your space look smaller and more compact. Hanging them right at the top near the ceiling will give your home the illusion of being bigger and brighter. You want to celebrate and accentuate that extra space by allowing more natural light to penetrate into your home.

Guilty of any of the mistakes above? It’s never too late to switch things up in your own apartment so you can have the perfect, well-proportioned home you’ve always wanted. If you need some advice, talk to some of our interior designers on ideas and decorating tips, or hire trusted cleaners and home contractors on Kaodim to turn your space into a delightful sanctuary.

written by Tashya Viknesh