Hair Loss Problem: Identify The Early Signs

Bobs, buzz cuts, chrome domes and wigs let you rock your unique style in confidence, but for many women in Singapore, early hair fall problems limit their choices in coiffure and dampens self esteem. Around 4 in 10 women face early hair loss due to stress, poor health, or harsh environments, and have to live with unsightly and permanent baldness.

If you think your age and hectic modern lifestyle will lead to the inevitable nightmare of early female hair loss, take heart! Total and permanent baldness doesn’t happen overnight, and can be managed and even prevented through early treatment. The crucial  trick is to catch hair fall problems early, so keep an eye out for the signs:

1. You’re Seeing More Hair In Your Brush

Photo credit: Allure

Hair naturally goes through shedding and regrowth cycles, but if you’re pulling off noticeably more hair than usual when combing and styling your hair, it might be a cause for concern.

2. You’re Leaving More Hair On Your Pillow

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You might (literally) brush off that extra hair in your comb as resulting from aggressive styling. But if you’re noticing more of your locks left behind on your pillow, your shower drain, the carpet, or just about anywhere, you might be going through the early stages of hair loss.

3. Your Hair Has Lost Its Spark

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Blame the limp and flat look all you want on the Singaporean humidity, but thinning hair will look noticeably lifeless and won’t hold styles as well.

4. Your Forehead Looks Bigger

Photo credit: G210

Selfie-optimised cameras are supposed to make you look more flattering – and your expanding forehead could be a sign of a receding hairline.

5. Your Parting Is Wider

Photo credit: My Nutrilosophy

Are you a left, right- or centre-parting lady, and what does that say about your personality? Seeing more scalp at your hair parting says you’re losing too much hair way too early.

6. You’re Getting Sunburnt On Your Scalp

Photo credit: Pixabay

If your hair’s getting limp you’ll likely forgo a hat when venturing out into the Singaporean sun. Your hair usually keeps your scalp safe from the searing rays, so getting sunburnt up there could be an indication of thinning hair.

7. Your Ponytail Is Getting Thinner

Photo credit: Style Caster

Even the simplest, hassle-free hairstyle seemed to have turned on you – your energetic ponytail has transformed into a thin tail flapping sadly in the wind.

The first course of action is to see a doctor to rule out any serious medically-related issues that cause hair loss. In such cases, your doctor will prescribe a treatment regime to manage your hair fall symptoms along with your medical issue.

If you’re in the market for female hair loss treatments in Singapore, there are various options to choose from; Jonssons Protein treatments, for example,  relies on the natural principles of hair growth and health to help you keep your locks healthy.

Health and lifestyle also play a part in your hair growth, with stress causing you to lose hair a little too quickly. You could choose to manage your stress by working out, but bear in mind that improper exercise practices and incompatible diet plans can exacerbate hair loss! Your best bet is to get a professional to help you out.