How Healthy is Your Living Room and Why it Matters

living room
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We rarely hear homes being described as ‘healthy’, but believe it or not, there is such a thing as a healthy home. A ‘healthy’ space is one that is safe – it should be free of germs, allergens, and rodents. It is also a place where you feel protected, where you can be sure that neither you nor your loved ones will get hurt.

Hence it’s really important to keep your home healthy, especially if you have young children. Here’s how you can do it starting from your living room:

1. Clean the area regularly

cleaning living room
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Cleaning is the easiest way to get rid of dust, mould, germs, and other allergens that might cause harm to your family, especially children since they’re more susceptible to infections and viruses. Make it a habit of sweeping the living room once a day and mopping it weekly. Take some time out to clean the nooks and crannies with a vacuum cleaner every fortnight to remove those pesky dust mites.

2. Declutter

declutter living room
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A cluttered living room is not a healthy space. Dust can gather easily in cluttered areas, and the overwhelming number of objects lying around can make it more difficult for you to clean the space. A space with cluttered furniture is also prone to accidents, as someone may easily trip over something or knock into a sharp corner.

3. Store sharp objects in drawers

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With these dangerous items stored away from sight and beyond reach, you can rest easy, knowing that your kids and guests won’t be in harm’s way.

4. Install a home security system

home security system
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Having a home security system is the best way to protect your home and everyone living under its roof. With one installed, the authorities will be easily alerted when the emergency signals are activated. A good security system should be a cellular one which doesn’t require phone lines to send out an alert.

5. Clear any leftover food

cookie crumbs
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Crumbs attract ants and rodents, which are carriers of various types of germs and viruses. Make it a habit to clean up the utensils after eating in the living room, as well as do a quick clean up of the area after that to avoid having crumbs lying around.

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written by Esther Chung