Here’s Why You Should Avoid Moving By Yourself

Moving seems simple – pack everything up in boxes and carry them from point A to point B. Why pay a professional to do it, since it’s all your stuff and you’d rather know where you’ve put them and how you’ve handled them?

As it turns out, moving by yourself comes with its own set of dangers, ranging from bodily injury to property damage. Here are the top 4 common risks of moving by yourself:

Loss of Time


If you’re inexperienced at moving you’ll probably over or underestimate the time it takes to plan and execute the whole process smoothly. You’ll have to factor in packing your belongings, securing fragile or breakable items in proper packaging, coordinating which items to move first, and even making sure there’s proper space to unload and unpack all of your things.

You’ll also need to rent a large vehicle to move all of your things and therefore work under time pressure – those rentals don’t come cheap and can be charged by the hour – or opt to take your own personal car and make multiple trips – either of which consumes a lot of time and often results in an undue amount of stress!

2. Property Damage

Don’t like strangers handling your personal belongings, or walking all over your new house? Moving on your own seems to circumvent the issue as you’ll be in charge of your own things, from who touches what and where they’ll be placed.

However, you might not be able to handle all of your belongings with the proper care throughout all the stress and heat of moving. You might also not pack fragile items properly, or end up damaging flooring, stairs and walls when moving around heavy and unwieldy items.

3. Personal Injury

Man suffering from back pain at home in the bedroom. Uncomfortable mattress and pillow causes back pain.

Moving is physically risky. Not only do you face exhaustion from all the physical and mental stress, you also risk more serious – and even permanent – injuries on top of inevitable bruises, scratches, and splinters. Improper lifting techniques without the help of proper equipment can strain your back and joints, possibly resulting in long-term injuries and issues.

You’ll also risk improperly packed items falling on you, accidents in transit and tripping over packed items carelessly placed.

Sure it all sounds like incompetent slapstick, but the risk of injury is very real and serious! If you do experience a strain or injury while moving heavy items, visit orthopaedic clinics in Singapore now.

Most sports and orthopedic clinics in Singapore would have the means to do proper screening to rule out any serious issues. If you do end up straining yourself, these facilities will be well equipped to provide therapeutic care – from bandaids to surgery – by professional surgeons to mitigate the problem early.

4. High Cost

money cash

You’d think skipping professional movers would save you money. After all, why pay someone for a service you can do on your own? But consider the time cost, risk of property damage, and personal injuries that’ll warrant trips to the bone doctor – or even surgery! You might end up spending more when you handle your own moving.

Professional movers will not only have the proper tools, equipment and experience to execute a timely and secure move, but would also include property insurance to cover damage from accidents. Plus, you’ll avoid stress and the risk of serious physical injuries by trusting these professionals!

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written by Louisa Lee