Here’s How to Make Your Home Look Posh Without Spending Much

living room
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Our definition of what’s fancy differs from individual to individual, but we can all agree that adding some touches to our homes will definitely increase its aesthetic value and make it look more luxurious. In fact, just some simple tweaks and fixes can make your home more feel just like a hotel.

Here are some things you can do, which won’t cost mush but will make quite a bit of difference.

1.Place Fresh Flowers Around The House

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Fresh flowers give off a feeling of cleanliness and happiness around the house. You can place some in your living room and dining room to create a more colourful atmosphere. Flowers don’t cost much and can be found at your local morning market. They can last about 5 to 7 days if maintained properly.

Cool tip: Add a little bit of sugar into the water in your vase in order for the flowers to last a day or two longer.

2. Place a Frame Around Your Television

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Consider making a carved wooden frame for the flat screen TV in your living room. You can paint it to match the walls or leave it in its natural wood colour to give a rustic touch to your living room. It would be nice to make this yourself, but if you don’t have the tools, you can order one from a picture framing shop. All you have to do is give them accurate measurements of your flatscreen TV, and instructions for cable outlets.

3. Create Different ‘Areas’ in Your Home With Rugs

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Divide the various parts of your home with large rugs or carpets, such as placing them beneath the dining area or living room area. This subtle ‘division’ will also allow you to create a better flow, and decide on decorative themes for the different ‘zones’ in your home. Interior design experts say that you can create illusions with rugs, and the larger the rug is, the larger your ‘area’ will appear.

4. Get a Triptych For Your Space

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Any room in the house will immediately stand to gain from a triptych artwork, which will serve as the focal point of the room. The triptych you choose should flow seamlessly with the mood of the rest of the room. You should also try to choose something calming for ‘restive’ areas like the living room or bedroom in order to promote more relaxed moods. Triptychs, rather than a single picture, provides a more balanced aesthetic perception for viewers.

5. Paint Your Walls Halfway to Elongate The Height

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Save costs by repainting your home, but only halfway. Choose a slightly contrasting, yet harmonious colour and give your room the character it deserves. This will effectively make the space look taller. The best part is, you don’t have to paint it exactly half way. This dual painting effect will look good no matter where the contrast appears. whether high up, low down of right smack in the middle.

6. Cart Off Your Clutter

Photo credit : Allcomforthvac
Photo credit : Allcomforthvac

You’ll be surprised at how a little cleaning and organization will brighten up any home and make it look and feel more livable. If you don’t have enough storage space, installing some ground to ceiling cabinets can be a quick and effective solution.

Making changes to your home is a breeze, and they don’t have to be drastic for your home to look and feel like a luxury resort. If you need some help, Kaodim’s home renovation and improvement experts are here to assist, as well as our professional cleaners who will help you remove the clutter from your home.

written by Michelle Chee