Home Essentials You Need This Lockdown

Have you been wanting to get home repairs done but unsure how to get about it during the lockdown? Or maybe you’ve been thinking of a more practical way to disinfect your entire home or office? Well, the good news is that these issues you’re facing can be solved with the help of our experts, regardless of the day!

Kaodim will be providing home essential services to help you get your home more comfortable and healthy which is especially important during this lockdown. 

The essential services that will be available during the lockdown consist of: 

The Government had initiated to tighten their safety measures which they deemed as a circuit breaker in hopes to fight off the COVID-19 virus. Here’s how we are keeping you safe every service.

  1. Tools are disinfected regularly
  2. Temperature checks on a daily basis
  3. Mask are to be worn
  4. Keeping a distance of at least 1 metre
  5. Thorough washing of hand or gloves during service
  6. Cloth to hold tools for extra protection
  7. Clean up, garbage removal and disinfection of area
  8. Going cashless with KaodimPay to minimise contact + enjoy extra discounts on services

If you need help with any of these services, our experts have your back! Book here and get your home just the way you love it! 

Our service providers guarantee your satisfaction during each service. With many benefits that you can enjoy when you book through us! From a reservice or refund if unsatisfied or even a warranty on selected service during this crucial period, we at Kaodim always want your service to be hassle-free. 

Get our home essential services during this crucial time as our experts are ready to assist you whether it’s emergency repairs or to banish those nasty germs and possible viruses! 

So book now and let us help you with your home woes during the Circuit Breaker period.