How To Host A Mermaid-Themed Party For Your Kid

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Mermaids in Singapore? Yes, please! Singapore will be having its very first mermaid pageant show tomorrow from 7 to 10pm at Village Hotel Changi, 1 Netheravon Road, where one girl will be crowned the Miss Mermaid Singapore 2016. So yes, mermaids are a pretty big deal now, and here are 5 legit ways to throw your child the coolest mermaid-themed party that is bound to stir waves among her friends. Sea La Vie!

Rent The Costume

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The best kind of parties are the ones that you get into character for. You can’t have a mermaid-themed party without costumes! You can find some cute mermaid outfits online, and don’t forget to notify the guests of the dress code so their kids can come in matching mermaid or merman outfits too.

Serve Mermaid-Themed Sweets

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Cupcakes with blue buttercream frostings, starfish cake pops and shell-shaped cookies. If you want to bring it up a notch, serve blue-hued drinks. The kids will love them.

Decorate Accordingly 

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A mermaid party deserves to be whimsical, so don’t just stick to shades of blue. Experiment with other colours like purple, pink or gold! Add balloons, streamers, crepe pom poms and more.

Clean Your Home

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Assuming that you’re hosting the party at home, you should ask yourself: Are the floors vacuumed? Are the tables and countertops free of dust? Are the bathrooms scrubbed and cleaned? If you answered no to all those questions, you need to get those chores out of the way ASAP before your party begins.

Capture The Memories

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Every party needs a good photographer – someone who is well-equipped with the appropriate equipment and well-experienced to handle various lighting conditions. 

Don’t burden yourself with the difficult task of cleaning your entire home or photographing the event while playing host/hostess – let us help you with that. Submit a job request on Kaodim and it’ll be our pleasure to connect you with dedicated service providers who will get the job done professionally and efficiently!

written by Carissa Gan