Do I need house cleaning or UltraCare Disinfection? What is the difference?

With the amount of illnesses caused by viruses and germs you are probably thinking of how you can rid of them especially during this outbreak. But do you know why regular cleaning may not cut it? Here is the difference between UltraCare cleaning and regular house cleaning.

Cleaning Materials

Firstly the equipments used for cleaning are very different. Regular house cleaning provides general tools, such as the mop, broom, cleaning products and is more surface level cleaning to get rid of dust, grime and generally tidying up your space. Whereas UltraCare cleaning uses a misting process which is non-toxic cuts across the entire home with less physical effort and is not surface level tidying and cleaning. 


By using regular cleaning services, you can reduce the number of bacteria and germs found in the areas around your home such as the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living room. But airborne particles that is out of reach requires special tools that UltraCare disinfection offers. UltraCare disinfection gets rid of 99.9% of germs and viruses in the air as well


House cleaning is a more affordable way to get your home tidy and organised but may not be the most practical way if you are looking for getting rid of germs and viruses in the air, especially during this crucial period. UltraCare is more focused on disinfecting as oppose to tidying but the effectiveness can last up to 3 months which can make it worth your money. Book UltraCare Disinfection cleaning starting from SDG250.