How To Attract Guests And Great Reviews For Your Airbnb Home

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When Airbnb first arrived in Singapore, it swept up the market by a storm and today, the demands for a short-stay rental apartment in our city continue to skyrocket. If you’ve already hopped on the Airbnb bandwagon, you’ll know what a great platform it is to generate the extra revenue.

But every homeowner on Airbnb knows that having an apartment or room to rent out is not enough – if you want to beat your competitors (other Airbnb homeowners within the area) and win positive reviews, you’ll need to offer more than cheap rent. Based on our research, it’s not really the spacious or city-central apartments, nor the dirt-cheap ones that cut the cake. It’s the really clean, nicely decorated, functional apartments that play a huge role in luring potential renters and drawing good reviews.

So here are some easy ideas on how you can spruce up your Airbnb unit into a gorgeous haven.

Clean Your Home

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This Cubehouse in Rotterdam is a perfect example of keeping things neat and tidy. Don’t you just want to live there already? You see, a clean home really does appeal to the masses. After all, no guest likes putting up at a place with week-old dust powdering the surfaces and spiderwebs strung across the ceilings. Guests are very picky about hygiene, so the best thing is to do is to have professional cleaners on standby to give your apartment a deep cleanse before and after you take guests.

Add Colour To The Walls

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Putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls can change up any room and make it look extra refreshing. To appeal to the masses, the best shade to pick would be neutral colours like beige, white and grey. Just keep the shades light and flowy.

Install Decorations Around The Unit

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Here comes the fun part – the decorating process!  Adding nice decorations and murals on the around the house will impact the mood and ambiance. Always add throw pillows on the couches and beds, as they give off a very homey and welcoming vibe to new visitors. Feel free to include some pretty centerpieces on your coffee and dining tables too. Flowers are always a good option. You want your guests to feel at home.

Maintain Your Airbnb House

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Always make sure that everything in the house is up to date and maintained. Things like the refrigerator, the microwave, the coffee maker and the washing machines are extremely important, especially if you advertised these amenities for your unit. Don’t forget to service the air conditioner as well. Singapore is always going to be humid, so do your guests a favour and hire one of the air cond contractors from Kaodim to get your unit maintained so that your guests don’t run into any problems.

Take Good Photos

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The selling point for most of these Airbnb homes are the gorgeous and breathtaking pictures that are taken to advertise the homes on the website. To ensure that you get more guests, hire a professional photographer to help you capture the true essence of your home.

Maintaining your rental space on Airbnb is not exactly a breezy process, because as you can see, there are so many aspects to look into. So why not let us help you? Get home renovators, air cond specialists, plumbers, cleaners and many more on Kaodim!

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written by Tashya Viknesh