How To Hang Photo Frames Without Damaging The Wall

Isn’t it boring if your house looks blank and monotonous without any frames hanging around? Want to hang vacation photos or other memorable moments on your wall but don’t want to damage the walls using nails? Here are a few tips on how to hang frames without damaging the wall.

Wood and Hanger

Do you have wood remnants? Don’t just throw it away. You can use it as a rail or a medium to place wall decorations, just lean the wooden frame holder towards the wall Voila! You can hang your memorable photos or paintings using a clothes hanger to the wood rail.

Tape as a frame

This method doesn’t require heavy equipment and is suitable for those who live in apartments or rent houses. You only need 1 roll of colour tape, duct tape, or other decorative tapes. Before you stick the tape as a frame to your photos or paintings, make sure you clean the surface of the wall so that the tape can stick perfectly. To add a more aesthetic impression, you can repaint the wall beforehand with colours that match the photos or paintings you want to display. You can book a professional painting service to help you with the painting process after the circuit breaker is lifted.

Pegboard as the background

This material is commonly used in architectural studios to place sketches on a wall. You can apply the use of this pegboard at home to make it easier for you to hang frames or even hang other equipment like cooking utensils, flower decorations, and more. Pegboards can be mounted to the wall of your house by sticking it using strong double-sided tape or thumbtack this is a more effective way than using nails.

These are three effective ways to hang frames on the wall without using nails which you can simply get done, but if you still have to use nails and hammers to hang photo frames you can book a professional handyman from Kaodim to help you with the process of installing nails on the wall or with other home improvements.