How To Keep Your Closet Super Organised

organised closet at home
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If you’ve experienced or are currently experiencing one or more of these symptoms, you can be sure that you’re suffering from the effects of a disorganised closet:

  • Can’t find anything to wear;
  • Missing a sock or stocking;
  • Problems finding a particular top or skirt; or
  • Your clothes are threatening to spill out of the closet.

Now that we’ve established the cause of your wardrobe agonies, it’s time to fix it. Here are some of the things you need to do:

Empty your closet

lady carrying pile of clothes
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Yup, take everything out of your closet. Empty your wardrobe so you can assess how much space you actually have and how much you can put in. It’s good to start afresh if you’re seriously thinking about reorganising your wardrobe. Lay your clothes out as neatly as you can so you don’t drown in them.

Sort the clothes out

folded clothes in stacks
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Go through the clothes and separate those that you want to keep and those you want thrown. Ask yourself: Does it still fit? Will I still want to wear it? This will help you remove all the unnecessary items from your closet and help you maximise space.

After that, categorise them according to type (tops, bottoms, underwear) and how often you wear them.

Store the seasonal or least-used items on top

closet top shelf
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The top shelf is where you store your least-used items, such as winter wear and backpacks. These items don’t need to be placed within easy reach as you don’t use them very often. They are usually bulky as well, so this can help you clear up some space below for frequently worn clothing.

Hang your most-used clothing at eye level

male closet
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You want to be able to find and obtain these clothing easily, so you place them at eye level. This will include all your home wear, going-out clothes, and working clothes. Hang your clothes by sets (top and bottom) if there’s only one rung in the closet, or segregate them according to top and bottom if you have two levels.

Organise clothes by colour if possible

colour organised wardrobe
Photo credit: The Style Guide

You might think meant for those with OCD, but wait until you experience the benefits of a colour-organised wardrobe. This will help you see what colours you’re lacking and what you have too much of, so you can avoid the problem of having too many black tops or too little blue dresses. It also makes it easier for you to match your outfits.

Use boxes

wardrobe with transparent containers
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Run out of drawers? Use containers to store the remaining clothing, instead of stuffing them into doorless compartments. This will ensure that things are kept neatly, and it’ll keep the dust away.

Let us know if you need help with clearing and cleaning your wardrobe. We have a list of professional cleaners ready to help you on Operation Closet! It’s the first step towards curbing procrastination.


written by Esther Chung