These Ideas For Kids’ Rooms Will Make You Want To Be A Kid Again

Kids spend most of their time in their bedrooms. It’s not just the place where they rest and sleep; kids study, read, and play games in there. It’s also the place where they invite their friends over to hang out and have sleepovers. It’s their comfort zone, so as parents, you can play a huge role in ensuring that they develop fond and happy memories within those walls. 

You would want to make sure that they’re comfortable in there, as the quality of sleep your child is dependent on the design of the room. You also want your child to love his or her bedroom and be proud of it.

So let’s start with the walls – here’s what you can do to make your child’s room one of the coolest on the island:

Enchanted Garden From Fairy Tales

fairytale-bedroom-for-kidsPhoto credit: Anton Giuroiu

If your kid is a fan of fairy tales or Enid Blyton books, put up wallpapers with forest motifs. You can get one with trees, or one with little mushroom houses printed on them. If you don’t want anything too bizarre, get a woody wallpaper for their room instead. You can also paint a night sky on the ceiling to bring this fairy forest to life!

Photo credit: Fashion Artiest

Adventure Is Out There!

adventure room for kidsPhoto credit: Kidsomania

Your child is a thrill seeker. He or she likes excitement and dreams of going on adventures. Paint their walls to resemble a blue sky or an open ocean. You can also paint it a bright shade of green and draw jungle vines around them. Don’t forget to install wooden bunk beds and get jungle-themed bedsheets and pillow cases to make bedtime more exciting. Coupled with their favourite adventure books and toys, you have little explorers-in-the-making.

jungle themed bedroom for kidsPhoto credit: Vukajlija

The Sky Is Not The Limit

space bedroom for kidsPhoto credit: Hubpages

The sky is not the limit for your child; they go beyond that. For a space-themed room, there are two ways to go about creating them: get galaxy-themed wallpapers to create a bedroom in outer space; or you can go with a silver grey colour to create a bedroom on a spaceship for your child. You can even get different coloured spherical lamps to create the solar system in the room!

space-themed-bedsheetPhoto credit:

Colourful Wonderland

bright and cheerful room for kidsPhoto credit: Home Designing

These are the kids whose colouring books have multi-coloured flowers and cars. The sky isn’t always blue to them, it’s a mixture of orange, blue, and green. Your creative child deserves and equally creative and vibrant bedroom as well!

bright room for kidsPhoto credit: Home-Dzine

Get them involved in the colour selection and go with their choices, even if it means having a green wall next to a blue one! This is their space, let their imagination run wild.

Peaceful Pastels For Kids

pastel-room for kidsPhoto credit: Petit & Small

This is for the quieter kids who tend to be a little more introspective. To suit their personality, choose pastel shade colours for their rooms. The quiet child is someone who prefers a soothing environment, so soft colours will definitely do them some good. Go for lilac, mint, or cream for a feature wall. This enhances the light colours even more. 

pastel room for kidsPhoto credit: Noerdin

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written by Esther Chung