Improve your home health with these services!

With the ongoing spread of the virus, it’s hard not to notice the importance of hygiene. We are always washing our hands but how often should we disinfect our house?

Mattress Cleaning

The mattress is used everyday and consists of thousands of dust mites and harmful microorganisms, by having your mattress cleaned twice a year you can prevent constant sneezing, asthma and other allergic reactions. If you’re constantly itching and have red bumps forming on your body probably a sign you have got dust-mites. 

If you need help getting your mattress cleaned, you can book our  UltraCare mattress cleaning to disinfect your mattress deeply.

To deep clean the mattress to get rid of any dirts or debrics

The mattress that you use everyday contains a lot of dust mites and other harmful bacterias. By frequently cleaning your mattress, it could prevent you and your family from sickness such as asthma, constant sneezing and other allergies reactions. You can do a quick once over of the surface of your mattress with a vacuum to remove any debris. You can book the UltraCare mattress cleaning to disinfect your mattress deeply. Eliminate 99.99% viruses, germs and bacteria and use the medical grade disinfectant.

House Disinfection

Prevention is better than cure! Therefore you should take the necessary percautains to protect you and your family especially this season. Some areas in your home could serve as a perfect environment for breeding germs and viruses such as the bathroom, kitchen sink, sofa and other locations which makes disinfection so important. 

Our service will remove 99.9% of germs and viruses is non-toxic and can last up to 3 months! Book our House Disinfection Service.


Servicing your aircon regularly is important to keep the air filter in the aircon clean. Dirty air filters will circulate dust and trigger allergies which can also affect your respiratory system and can potentially cause tuberculosis. That is why making sure your aircon is serviced regularly is essential for you and your home.  

Get your aircon units serviced today by requesting aircon specialists on Kaodim!