How To Incorporate Mixed Metals At Home

One of the year’s biggest trends is the incorporation of mixed metals to amplify the decor. It hit with a bang (or, in this case, a clang!) and it hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down anytime soon. So if you’re a home owner going for a modern twist, why not take the plunge and incorporate trendy metals into your space?

Living Room Chic

living-room-chicPhoto credit:

In the living room above, the designer decided to incorporate the metals in multiple places. The coffee table stands out in it’s super chic black colours and the lamp shade also adds character to the room. It just shows that you can incorporate multiple versions of mixed metals and still produce a masterpiece.

Regal Yellow

gold-hardwarePhoto credit:

This bathroom designed by Mary McGee is the epitome of class and timeless sophistication. The way she incorporated the beautiful gold and black wallpaper with the small hints of gold hardware is genius. She also subtly included the silver hardware for the faucet and it just blends in with the entire decor.

Elegant Kitchen

elegant-kitchenPhoto credit:

This beautiful design by Becki Owens is just breathtakingly gorgeous. It’s refreshing approach is why mixed metals are so in this year. Instead of just splashing metals everywhere, she made it a point to create a focal point – the caged lamp fixtures. Subtle additions like metal hardware for the cupboards were also exquisite but who can take their eyes off those beautiful lamps?

Mixed Metals In Smaller Spaces

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Including metals in a small space is not a problem. If you don’t want the mixed metal phase to be plastered all over the house, then this is the best way to start to incorporating mixed metals into your home. A small table and a few lamps will tie everything together.

Chrome In The Bedroom

chrome-in-the-bedroomPhoto credit:

This industrial-esque bedroom is unique and it is a good trend to adapt to your home as well. The chrome radiator pipes give off a super sleek vibe, lending the room huge levels of character. Soon you’ll be throwing more parties at home to show off your gorgeous space.

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written by Tashya Viknesh