What is Industrial Chic and How To Get That Look For Your Home

You’ve probably been to a café or an event space that has been described as having an “industrial chic” decor. It’s been a favourite among interior designers for a while and it looks extremely photogenic on Instagram too. Read on if you’re interested to find out how you can incorporate this design style into your home.

What is industrial chic?

industrial chic study
Photo credit: Tidbits & Twine

Industrial chic is an interior design style that incorporates elements from an industrial space into a living space. Decorative items and materials include wrought iron, aged wood, exposed bricks, concrete, and worn metal. It’s a functional home design, meaning that the focus of the arrangement and choice of furniture and space is on their functionality. This makes this it great for homes of all sizes.

How can you get the look?

Getting the look at home is just a matter of installing the essential elements of an industrial space into your home:

1. Expose the bricks

exposed brick in living room
Photo credit: DATTRAN

You don’t need to strip the whole house naked. Choose a facet to be your feature wall and leave the bricks exposed. You may leave the brick wall as it is for a rugged look, or you can have it whitewashed for a more ‘expensive’ look.

2. Go grey

grey wall bedroom
Photo credit: Pinterest

Think about the colours factories usually have. Pair grey walls with white curtains, black sofas with grey cushions, silver carpets on grey floor.

3. More metal

metal chair metal lamp
Photo credit: loudhaze.com

One of the main features of industrial chic is the use of metal. Experiment with metal dining chairs, lamps with metal frames, or even shelves with metal support.

4. Use reclaimed wood

industrial chic reclaimed wood
Photo credit: Lamps Plus

You can never really call your home design industrial chic without some reclaimed wood in the space. There are many stores selling furniture made from repurposed wood, such as coffee tables, stools, chairs, and dining tables.

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written by Esther Chung