Liberate Your Apartment From Boring to Beautiful

Happy Independence Day! If you’ve always dreamed about introducing some colour and texture to your apartment, this is the day to break free from old conventional ways and find liberty in finally giving your home the little makeover it deserves!

A well-decorated home will not only improve your mental and spiritual health, also create a safe haven for you and your family. Your home should be a reflection of yourself and the people you love. So here are some tips to transform home from drab to fab. Your first course of action would be to clean your entire house, and if you need a hand, we’ve got cleaners at Kaodim to lend a helping hand!

Fluff Up The Sofa With Pillows

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Pillows are going to be your new best friends. The more, the merrier! Just the mere presence of soft, fluffy pillows alone can spruce up a dull-looking living room and fill it with elegance. Adding a few throws and pillows will give the space so much more character. Depending on the theme of the room, choose appropriate colours that will blend nicely into the mix.

Add Some Greens

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Never underestimate a good house plant, which is one that transform rooms and makes your HDB apartment look like a New York loft. Shrubs don’t need that much attention and they do add a lot of life to your home. Real plants also offer health benefits by increasing the collective amount of oxygen in your space.

Create A Feature Wall

Feature Wall
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Accent walls are a designer’s favourite tool to revamp a home. You see, when you create a focal point and redecorate a room with the accent wall in mind, you breathe new life into the house. Feature walls provide a canvas for trying out a colour or a wallpaper design that you would not have tried in a much larger scale. This gives you a chance to experiment with art and free your room from boring to fabulous.

Change Up Door Handles Or Door Knobs

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We know that this might sound crazy, but changing something as simple as the door handles in your home will make a huge difference. Don’t go for the conventional silver handles – go for something unique like brass, gold or deep purple like the jewel-shaped door knob featured above. This will instantly make your apartment look as though a professional interior designer came in and redid your house.

Light Up The Apartment With Lovely Lighting

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The lighting situation in your home does a lot for the overall ambience of the house. New fixtures and classier accents will do wonders for your home. Check out our list of trending light fixtures for some ideas before you go light-shopping!

Kaodim is your answer to revamping your apartment because we have the right service professionals who can help you redecorate your home this week. It’s Independence Day, and it’s the perfect day to celebrate a new chapter for your home! Submit a request on our site for lighting experts, painters and cleaners, and let us bring your home to life!

by Tashya Viknesh