Life Is A Beach… In Your Apartment

Are you having beach withdrawal symptoms? Where are those long stretches of sandy white shores that rival the likes of Palawan Beach or St. John’s Island? Oh, that’s right – they’re a long trip away. You don’t need to head all the way out there just to bask in the scent of the salty sea breeze or to see the vivid blues of the ocean glinting like a million diamonds beneath the sunlight. If you’re really obsessed about the nautical life and find yourself drawn to blue-and-white pinstripes, seaside-inspired artwork and sandy shades, here are simple and cost-efficient ways you can achieve a beach-inspired apartment.

Cover The Walls In Beachy Hues

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Colours play a huge factor in transforming your home into a beach-inspired haven. The traditional nautical colours like light blue, rustic beige and pale cream will set the mood. Keep them light, soft and airy. Dark turquoise or midnight blue will ruin the look.

Bathe Your Room In Natural Light

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Most beach houses have large windows, and since the weather is always almost perfect, the windows and doors are always left open to let that beautiful sunshine in. And let’s not forget the salty sea breeze that tickles your face and leaves traces of the ocean in its wake. So open your windows and let the sunlight in!

Install Seaside-Inspired Artwork

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They say that pictures paint a thousand words! A beach-themed piece of work will totally give you the feeling of being close to the shores. Imagine waking up to the sight of the sun rising from the horizon and the feeling of that warm, salty breeze greeting you gently in the face. Getting furniture that compliment those artworks are also crucial. The armchair seen above is the perfect balance between neat and nautical.

Double Up On Comfort

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One can never have enough pillows. Nautical-themed pillows add that subtle touch if you do not want to go all out with the beach theme. You can also buy throws or blankets that add to the ambience. The best thing is to honestly just have some fun with it. This is your home, so it should always be a reflection of yourself as well.

Redesigning your home with a theme as bold as the beach theme is not a difficult task. These are some of the easiest, most affordable ways to incorporate the ocean life into your humble abode. If you need help, we have an army of home remodelers who can assist you with painting, window work or anything else that you require. All you have to do is log onto our website, fill up a short questionnaire and we’ll send you quotes from verified service professionals within minutes! Now you can finally have that beach getaway in your own home!

written by Tashya Viknesh