Awesome Lighting Ideas & Candle Decor Tips For Halloween

Halloween is one of our favourite celebrations, and the best way to set the stage for the décor? The secret to getting that perfectly faint dimness is key. Since current trends in Halloween décor have changed, much of the symbolism in it has its roots in ancient folklore found deep in history, so let’s take a look at the origins of Halloween and the tradition that came to be before we delve into lighting solutions.

The History Of Halloween

Thousands of years ago, long before Halloween as we know it, there was an end of the summer festival called Samhain. As the harvest season came to a close, ancient Celtic people showed gratitude to the gods of the harvest responsible for their bounty. Samhain was marked with great celebrations: feasting, dancing and bonfires with animal sacrifices to honor the gods. But the Samhain tradition had many deep-seeded supernatural practices, and some of the villagers took precautions to ward off potentially vengeful spirits using lanterns with frightful faces, wearing masks and animal skin disguises, and leaving out lavish feasts.

And that’s where lighting comes into the picture. Special lanterns with frightful faces cut into the flesh were made from turnips. These lanterns were used to light the way of the villagers during the Samhain festivities, but they were also thought to be a scary deterrent that would ward off any malevolent spirits that might be out and about. In our modern day, the Jack-o-Lantern is traditionally carved from a pumpkin with a face that varies from frightful to comical. But that’s not the only way to create a spooky glow for that perfect Halloween night ambience.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to get that perfect ambiance, whether it’s through an indoor lighting scheme or candle décor.

Indoor Lighting:

Lighting can even serve as the inspiration for your entire Halloween theme. Create a haunted room around an existing chandelier, and make it spookier by draping cotton to look like spider webs. Or use an industrial-inspired table lamp to establish your theme. Here are a few ideas based on some of our favourite in-store indoor lighting options.



Keep things light and spooky with this golden candle-style chandelier – the soft gold fixture emits a ghostly look while the dozens of blazing ‘flames’ create an eerie, mystical atmosphere. Hanging over a dining room table, this is the perfect place to set up the buffet for your ghoulish feast. The soft lighting emitted from the flames keeps things ethereal, giving your guests the impression of floating ghosts in the air.

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This elegant, rustic chandelier reminds us of an elaborate home where a number of intriguing vampires live. The romantic glow that is emitted works great in a living room where you could create a seating arrangement around it. Add raggedy black lace pillows to the sofas and coffins that double as benches – whether it’s vampires or the corpse bride, this chandelier will create a moody theme in the room.

Buzzer Light

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This industrial lamp gives us chills thinking of a rundown psychiatric ward or an underwater sunken ship, both of which are haunted, of course. Change the settings to make it flicker and add a soundtrack with a buzzing noise and you’ve got the perfect zombie scene. Keep the rest of the décor simple as this piece is a statement in itself.

Candle Decor:

Scented Candles

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The Black Forest candle by Archipelago is not only a celebrity favourite (ahem Rihanna and Taylor Swift) but the elegant black design lends it a gothic look that also goes with a Halloween setup. Not only does it fit the bill visually, but the scent is a woodsy, romantic aroma that is reminiscent of a lonely cottage nestled in the trees that one might stumble upon when running from the Headless Horseman.

Spooky Candlesticks


Instead of a traditional candelabra, find candlesticks in varying heights to line along a dining or coffee table. These particular candlesticks are made up of black, silver and white geometric shapes that are layered unevenly to give them a quirky ‘Tim Burton’ look. Find taper wax candles to drip eerily down once a flickering flame is lit and add silver skulls at the base for a spirited tablescape.

Through the decades, the use of Halloween decorations has become more elaborate and more important with each and every passing year.  So that’s why we suggest using a well thought out lighting scheme.

Speaking of lighting, if you need help with installations around your home, feel free to contact Kaodim for lighting installation requests. We’ll send you free quotes from professionals for you to compare and hire. Happy Halloween!

Author Bio: Jessica Haberer is a creative content writer at Gardenology, a retail home decor and custom furniture store in San Diego with two brick and mortar establishments in Southern California. Gardenology is a forerunner in the upscale outdoor market and has proven to be a forward-thinking leader in the home design arena.