How To Make Your Kitchen More ‘Social’

The living room isn’t the only place you can play host to your friends and family at home. The kitchen is actually slowly gaining popularity as the new social hub in the house. It can be a little difficult to understand how the kitchen can be a social space due to the way your kitchen is currently structured.

But if you’re up for making your kitchen into your home’s new social space, here are some tips on how to do it:

1. Remove the barriers

open kitchen
Photo credit: HGTV

Does your kitchen have too many cupboards and furniture in the way? That could be one of the main reasons why it doesn’t look gathering-friendly. Consider removing or relocating some of these to create an open kitchen for better traffic flow, and more space to socialise.

2. Put some chairs at the island

kitchen island
Photo credit: Country Living

Got a kitchen island? Great! Get some stools or chairs and arrange them around the island to make it like a bar or makeshift dining table so everyone can gather around for a chat. Your guests can enjoy food directly from the stove and oven while you catch up with them on the latest news.

3. Brighten up the space

kitchen lighting
Photo credit: Cynthia Marks

A social area should have good lighting – be it natural or electrical. You would want the windows with drapes that can be opened so you get a good amount of natural lighting during the day time. For entertaining dinner guests, make sure your ceiling lamps provide the suitable ambient lighting.

4. Raise the bar

raised kitchen bar
Photo credit: Laidlaw Schultz Architects

We understand it’s difficult to clear the mess when there are guests. To make your life easier, and to make your kitchen look neat enough for a social hub, consider getting the outer part of your kitchen island a raise. By elevating that, you can sort of ‘hide’ some of those mess from your guests’ view.

5. No kitchen island? Combined dining area is fine too

kitchen and dining
Photo credit: Houzz

No worries if you don’t have space for a kitchen island as a combined dining room and kitchen will do the trick too. Having no dividers between the kitchen and dining area automatically brings the crowd into the kitchen. It also allows you to be able to accommodate more guests at the same time!

6. Put in a feature piece

kitchen feature wall
Photo credit: Design Consultancy & Construction Services

It could be a feature wall or an antique ceiling lamp. The point is to have something that people can talk about in the area. A social kitchen is a kitchen where people can have endless conversations in. Having a feature piece will definitely help all of you sustain the conversation.

7. Add more power outlets

kitchen power outlet
Photo credit: Furniture Fashion

Why? Because hardly anyone can live without their devices these days. So much so that anywhere with a power outlet and strong WiFi automatically becomes everyone’s favourite place. Having some additional spare power outlets in the kitchen will make it more convenient for your guests to hang out there as they can charge their devices while they talk.

8. Put some colour into it

colourful kitchen
Photo credit: Kitchen Sourcebook

Your kitchen should reflect your personality: if you’re someone who loves blue, then make it blue; if you like it to be like a rainbow, then make it that way. A social kitchen is also one that has striking colours, so don’t be shy to fill it with colourful utensils.

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written by Esther Chung