Master Your Kitchen & Organise That Mess

A great kitchen needs to work like a well-oiled machine and it will not work smoothly if it isn’t organised. Are you having trouble finding certain ingredients? Maybe you thought you kept your pepper in the cabinet, but it might be hiding behind your army of sauce bottles instead. You simply forgot. So are you at your wits’ end about the mess? If it’s driving you crazy, then try some of these organisational tips so you can spend less time crying, “Where did I put my pepper?” and more time cooking in peace.

Add An Etagere 

etagere kitchen
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If you have high ceilings, consider installing an étagère which is basically a set of open shelving units which will not only provide that much needed height but also add some class to your kitchen.

Get a Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan for kitchen
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This is probably the most practical installation for the kitchen. A lazy-susan can help you contain your bottles, glasses and other cookery knick knacks. You can also store your tupperwares, sauces or cleaning materials. It also makes cleaning up so much easier!

Give Each Space A Purpose

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Isn’t it a hassle to always go around looking for your cooking utensils or your herbs every time you decide to cook? It not only disrupts the flow of cooking but it wastes so much extra time. This is why you need to set up designated spots to hang things like your apron and oven mitts. Have a designated drawer for utensils and maybe a shelf for sauces and herbs. This ensures that you never lose anything especially when you need them.

Use Containers Or Baskets


Never underestimate the organising power of containers or baskets. Head out and buy some heavy duty containers and baskets and a label maker. Set aside an evening and just go at it DIY style! Make space for things like rice, pasta and maybe even a space to put your ziplock bags and aluminium foil so that you know where everything is.  

Install A Pull-Out Cutting Board

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This idea might seem a little queer at first, but it totally works. Gone are the days of turning over the kitchen in a frantic search for that cutting board when you need to quickly julienne those onions. Just get one of our trusted renovators via Kaodim to install this amazing creation in your kitchen. It comes with its own garbage chute so you will never have to clean up after the mess anymore.

There are so many ways to help you address the mess in your kitchen, but if you need some extra help cleaning it up, get professional cleaners in Singapore at fixed rates on Kaodim Direct! And if you want to get some work done, visit Kaodim and submit a request for home contractors to install cabinets, shelves or remodel your kitchen into a lovely space so you can focus on being the MasterChef at home!

written by Tashya Viknesh