Minimalist Room Designs That Will Make You Fall in Love

You’re a neat person. You love spacious rooms and clean walls. You believe in organisation and the insides of your drawers are always compartmentalised. You are a minimalist.

And here are some room designs that will delight your delicate soul:

1. Black and white

minimalist black and white
Photo credit: Living Pursuit

Opposites attract – and you like the fact that these two contrasting colours go so well with each other.

2. Splash of green

minimalist study space
Photo credit: Ultralinx

For those black-white lovers who also like to brighten things up a little with some freshness. A little potted green is always a good idea.

3. A little grey

grey minimalist
Photo credit: Daily Dream Decor

For those rainy days, and days when you just want to snuggle under the covers.

4. Brick walls

minimalist bedroom
Photo credit: Design For Life’s Portfolio

Bricks, even when they’re fully white, can really give your minimalist space a little texture and character.

5. Warm wood

minimalist wood floor
Photo credit: TerminARTors

Who said minimalist design consists of just black, white, and grey. Inject some warmth into the space with some timber flooring and desk.

6. Japanese

asian minimalist
Photo credit: DigsDigs

Japanese-inspired designs usually focus on maximising the utilisation of space. This bathroom design with bamboo dividers is one of the prettiest we’ve seen.

7. Marble

marble minimalist
Photo credit: Steam Shower Dealer

Marble doesn’t just look elegant, but gives off a cooling effect as well. This is great especially for tropical countries like Singapore.

8. All white

white minimalist
Photo credit: Bolig Magasinet

A big fan of white? Go all white then, like this lovely mini dining area.

9. Mysterious

black minimalist
Photo credit: SiteHouse

Or if you’re a fan of dark and mysterious, go for this all-black look.

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written by Esther Chung