6 Pinterest-Worthy Bathroom Designs to Steal in 2017

It’s time to make a splash this year through your bathroom’s design! Check out some of these gorgeous trends that are making waves throughout Pinterest and the rest of the internet.

Dreamy pastels

pastel bathroom design
Photo credit: Natalie Clayman

The colour scheme plays a big role in the look and feel of your bathroom, and pastels set the tone for something dreamy, gentle and relaxing. Turquoise is a popular choice this year. Opt for a light shade of turquoise that borders between sea foam and mint green, and pair it with white for maximum elegance.

Modern minimalist

minimalist shower
Photo credit: Canny

Singaporeans are gravitating towards minimalist designs like bees to a flower. We can’t deny the beauty that these clean, sleek elements bring. Think lots of whites and gray, accented with brass or even black. A simple glass partition dividing the shower from the rest of the bathroom does the trick, especially in small bathrooms where space is scarce.

Freestanding bathtub and wooden backsplash 

modern rustic bathroom
Photo credit: Bernadetta Photography

If you have the luxury of incorporating a freestanding tub, do it! And if you have the extra luxury of glamming up your bathroom to resemble a 5-star hotel’s, you can consider replacing the usual tiles with stone flooring and even adding a unique wooden backsplash to the wall to lend that rustic look.

Rustic browns and soft lighting

rustic wooden bathroom
Photo credit: The Home Builders

Take your bathroom up a notch and go for hotel-chic. Because speaking of rustic elements, nothing infuses a bigger sense of earthiness than plain, simple wood. Try adding more wooden fixtures into your bathroom. While you’re at it, swap your current decor with shades of brown. As for the lighting, replace that harsh fluorescent glare with gentler ambiance lighting, such as soft yellow lamps. Not only are they cosy, they’re also pretty romantic.

Bare basics

plain simple bathroom design
Photo credit: Kaldewei

Sometimes, even an understated design can make a lasting impression if done the right way. What’s not to like about this? This modern bathroom manages to retain its elegance through large tiles and quartz panels on the walls. Add some fresh plants and paintings to keep the decor simple yet trendy.

Large glossy tiles

glossy tiles in the bathroom
Photo credit: Reed Harris

Apart from mirrors, glossy tiles and furniture are also great light-enhancing materials in the bathroom. Pick the large slabs of super glossy, textured ceramic tiles to open up your space. Bear in mind that larger tiles will increase the length of your room and amplify the enormity of the space because they have fewer grout lines and fewer joints. This is a good way to create an illusion of a much bigger space, even if you have a bathroom the size of a shoebox.

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written by Carissa Gan