Our preferred Service partners

This article originally appeared on Truuue.


At Truuue, we want to make your experience of finding your next home smooth, enjoyable and easy.

We know finding a place to rent is not as easy as it seems hence apart from constantly improving our platform, we have partnered with the islands best movers, and “miscellaneous” service providers (like handyman, cleaning services etc) for your convenience.

Introducing Truuue Concierge Service and our preferred Service Partners. 



Kaodim – Your all around handyman.

Did you know? Kaodim actually means getting things done? Unsurprisingly, that is exactly what they do. If you’re looking for the best home service providers, we’ve (or rather, they) got it covered for almost any service you as a tenant or landlord may need.

From cleaning, plumbing, home renovation and improvement, air con maintenance, home repair, appliance service and repair, pest control – they got it all!

The best way to “Kaodim” is to contact Truuue’s Concierge Services.

As it is commonly said that time and tide wait for no man. With busy schedules and places to be at, we at Truuue along with our concierge services partners are committed to solving most of your mundane problems, so you can kick your legs back and lepak!

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