Quick & Easy Cheats To Make Your House Look Neater

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Are your in-laws coming over for a night? Or are you just sick and tired of living in a mess? Wiping down the whole house can be tiring, so don’t worry, you’re not the only one that puts off cleaning the house. Great news is that we have a few cheats that will help you make your house look neater in just a jiffy. Apply these tricks and you can fool anyone into thinking you’re a neat freak. 

Clear The Clutter

organised shelf-declutterPhoto credit: goodhousekeeping.com

We say this all the time, but it is one of the fastest ways to get a mess out of your sight. Get rid of the remote controls, that old stack of magazines, all the used cups and even the huge amounts of pillows you have on the sofa. Keep everything to a minimum or at least to a reasonable amount. This is a simple and non-time consuming thing to do in a rush that will make the whole space look a lot better.

Hang Things On Hooks

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If you’ve got too much stuff lying around that you absolutely need, then you have to start making space for them. Hooks are a great way to start. Arrange the hooks neatly around your home to add structure and design.

Tackle The 3 T’s – Toilet, TV and Tabletops

Photo credit: diyhowto.co.uk

This Buzzfeed article basically advises you to tackle these three main components first. Get a cloth and start wiping the dust and grime away off the surfaces of these three places. It will make a world of a difference to guests if you only have a minute or two to clean.

Change The Linens


Never underestimate the power of fresh sheets and washcloths. Get that old kitchen towel, throw it in the wash and replace it with clean ones. Kitchen towels usually have the most germs because they don’t get washed easily. If you have guests coming over, put on new bedsheets and give them clean fluffy towels. They will certainly love you for it! After all, dirty towels have the tendency to make everyone cringe.

Welcome Fresh Air Into The House

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If your home smells like last week’s pizza, you need to do something about this. Open all the windows and let some air in. Get all the bad odour out of the house. In addition to that, you can buy some scented candles and fill the room with sweet fragrances. Candles are gorgeous little decors that elevate the overall mood of your place. 

Bring Out The Vacuum

Attractive Female with Vacuum CleanerPhoto credit: signaturehardwoodfloors.com

This is the last resort if you really don’t feel like doing anything else. Whip out that vacuum cleaner and just whiz around the house. Trust us, it will make a huge difference. The air in Singapore is infused with dust particles. So do yourself a favour and vacuum away the dust bunnies. Clean floors are not just a perk, they’re a necessity.

But if you really don’t have the time or the energy to tackle these quick cheats, then maybe you do need some help. Kaodim Direct allows you to hire cleaners instantly. If you want a quick fix, this is the best solution for you. Just head over to our website and get it done!


written by Tashya Viknesh