Red Flags You Need To Beware Of While Apartment Hunting

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From browsing the internet and setting up tours, looking for that perfect apartment to call home can be time-consuming. And you shouldn’t lap up everything that the real estate agent tells you without doing your own inspection either. We have compiled a list of red flags to watch out for before you put the down payment on your brand new home.

Poor Apartment Maintenance

Wait… is that mold on the ceiling? And was that a rat you just saw scurrying out of the bathroom? Who knows what else you’ll find if you actually started poking and digging around the place? Bedbugs or termites? If the apartment is in an extremely shabby shape, it’s going to cost you a bomb to fix it up. Your money is better off spent on a nicer home that doesn’t look like it’s about to fall apart. 

Overeager Owner

Is the owner of the apartment willing to skip over things like a credit check, or overly eager to sell the place that he or she doesn’t mind knocking the price down to a scarily cheap rate? Don’t thank your lucky stars yet. The question you should really be asking is, “Why?” What could he or she possibly know about the place that you don’t? That’s a secret for you to uncover before committing to the property.

Stains On The Wall

Stains on the walls are usually linked to water damage, which could be dangerous in the long run. Needless to say, the cost needed to fix water damages can be very damaging to your wallet as well.

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Locked Doors or Blockades

If the realtor or owner chooses to not show you a certain part of the apartment or if there are locked doors, you have the right to ask them to open these areas for viewing. If he or she seems reluctant to show you, then walk away because there might be huge underlying problem with the property. If the house is in good condition, the owner or realtor will have nothing to hide. On the contrary, they’d be eager to walk you through every door in the apartment.

Only One Painted Wall

Most realtors will advise the owners to freshen up the place with a new coat of paint. Increases the apartment’s presentation value, they say. But when the owner only paints one wall and leaves the others untouched? Forget accent walls – find out if there’s something wrong with the painted wall that they were trying to cover up.

On-Going Projects

If you visit an apartment and there’s some heavy renovation going on, there’s a chance it could drag on a lot longer than promised, and you might be left with the annoyance of a prolonged apartment renovation after you’ve signed the papers.

Unsolved Mysteries

Singaporeans are some of the most superstitious people on the planet, and we aren’t ashamed to announce it. Ghost sightings aren’t uncommon in our culture – in fact, there’s even an entire series of reportedly true stories and way more where they came from. So if you walk into an apartment and an uneasy feeling comes over you – don’t ignore it. The last thing you want is spending your days in a possibly haunted apartment. Also, if you’ve never gotten a chance to even meet the owners – maybe they upped and left without a trace, or maybe they’re just strangely unreachable – that’s not a good sign either.


These are just a few of the big red flags you need to look out for when purchasing an apartment. Never sign any papers without being sure of the home you’re buying. And once you’ve found your new home, you’re going to need a hand moving your furniture, cleaning up the new place and possibly redesigning or remodeling your apartment. We’ve got them all at Kaodim! Submit a request and you’ll receive free, fast quotes from our service professionals who are well-experienced in providing Singaporeans efficient, quality service.

written by Tashya Viknesh & Carissa Gan