6 Fantastic Ways To Easily Rock Geometric Tiles At Home

Geometric tiles were a big thing in the past. If you drop by any Peranakan-inspired heritage home in Singapore, you’ll see intricately designed tiles in many parts of the home, rather than plain ones. Today, geometric tiles are fast making a comeback, especially among home owners that want something completely different from their neighbors.

Geometric tiles can create an illusion of larger rooms, if arranged in parallel lines, and even give the floor a three-dimensional touch. In any case, the use of geometric tiles is a bold design move, but it also lends an air of nostalgia to the space.

1. The spacious toilet

Photo credit: mvmads.com

By combining geometric tiles with plain walls, this toilet balances out the patterns on the floor with matching grey and black walls. Unique mesh designs above the toilet and bidet give the floor patterns a continuum, and the whole space is able to convey a sense of relaxed elegance.

2. The bold hallway

Photo credit: Decoist

Geometric tiles are very versatile and can be used in any room, as shown by this hallway space that doubles as a welcoming area. As with the bathroom, the walls and floors surrounding the geometric tiles tend to be monochromatic and minimal. This balances out the hectic activity you see in the patterns of the geometric tiles.

3. The green and gold bathroom

Photo credit: Proper Home

The greenish hue of the geometric tiles is further emphasized by furnishings that are made of enamel green. The entire bathroom has gold highlights that are small enough to look subtle, but collectively effective enough to really bring out the green and greys in the whole design.

4. The contemporary study

Photo credit: Copperline

This bright and comfortable study that doubles as a library benefits from the subtle and earthy colour of its geometric tiles, that brings a cheery air to the room. The tiles are undoubtedly contemporary and modern in their design, with little dots of blue that match the books on the shelf.

5. The cheerful entryways

Photo credit: Design Lovers

Geometric tiles don’t always have to be dull or earth-coloured, as shown by these entryways, where sunny yellow and seaside blue bring a feeling of welcoming hospitality. Entryways are the first things people see when they enter a house, so these happy tiles can function like a pick-me-up, especially for those rainy days.

6. The practical kitchen

Photo credit: Sicga

The navy blue and white geometric tiles here match the rest of the kitchen’s stove, with an organic element in the form of a wooden bench and central work table. The tiles are simple patterns that are repeated throughout the room, giving the entire kitchen a uniformed look, perfect for the organized and neat cook.

Patterned tiles are truly beautiful and can be used in any room in the house. In fact, they don’t just belong on floors, but look good as wall tiles too, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. To help you begin re-tiling your house, you’ll need the help of professional renovation services which will no doubt transform your flooring in no time.

written by Michelle Chee