Top 5 Secrets From Professional Cleaners Revealed

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Do you find cleaning a chore? Well you’re certainly not alone. Many people today struggle in handling a full-time job and keeping their homes in order. Therefore, you’d be pleased to know that there are ways to clean your home without having to huff and puff it out all the time!

These useful tricks are some of the things that professional cleaners themselves practice for a shinier, spot-free finish to any part of your home.

1. Use a squeegee to get stain free windows

Photo credit: Popular Mechanics
Photo credit: Popular Mechanics

Usually, we tackle glass windows with just some paper towels and glass cleaning solutions. However, you’ll find that if you don’t wipe the glass cleaning liquid fast enough, you’ll end up with streaks and water stains, which is often the case. It’s even worse if you decide to use soap and water to clean glass doors and windows. Instead of using newspapers, paper towels or cloth towels, experts recommend that you use a squeegee to get all the moisture off quickly and leave the glass spick and span.

2. Use white chalk for oil stains

Photo credit : Huffington Post
Photo credit : Huffington Post

If you have a stubborn grease stain on any piece of fabric, including clothing or tablecloths, you can try applying white coloured chalk (those used on blackboards) on the stain and let it sit for 10 minutes before washing it as per usual. If you can’t find chalk anywhere, corn starch or talcum powder works just as well.

3. Steam cleaning is the best

Photo credit: Angie's List
Photo credit: Angie’s List

Whether you’re cleaning rugs, carpets or floors in your home, one of the best methods is to use a steam cleaner. It looks something like a vacuum cleaner but uses hot steam to remove dirt and stains, while killing bacteria, mould and other germs too. Using soap or chemical cleaners will usually result in a residue being left behind, but steam evaporates and gets the dirt out along with it, with no sticky residues.

4. Use olive oil to remove fingerprints

Photo credit: Dr Carney
Photo credit: Dr Carney

If you can’t seem to remove those annoying fingerprint marks on refrigerators, stainless steel kitchenware, sinks and any other steel surface, just add a drop of olive oil or baby oil to a piece of paper towel and start rubbing in smooth motions across the stainless steel surface. Be sure not to add any more than one drop, or else you’ll end up with oil all over the place!

5. Lemons, baking powder and vinegar can clean almost anything

Photo credit: Wellness Today
Photo credit: Wellness Today

There’s no need to splurge on expensive cleaning products, as these three household items can fix almost anything, from removing burn stains on pots and pans to getting rid of rust stains on your kitchen floor. Vinegar can remove mineral grime from taps and shower heads, and all three can be used to unclog sinks and kill bathroom moulds.

Now that you know what hidden skills professional cleaners have in their arsenal, you’ll want their help with any difficult parts of the home or office that you can’t tackle yourself. Just drop a simple request at our cleaning services page and see your place transformed in an instant! 

written by Michelle Chee

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