Showers vs Bathtubs: Awesome Ways You Can Make a Choice

In sunny Singapore, everyone takes a shower or a bath every day because the heat causes one to be all sweaty and sticky. This is why the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house and bath times an unmissable opportunity to relax and unwind in the privacy of your home, as well as a welcomed respite from the world.

There are many ways to take a bath, and the two most common ones are to shower and to soak in a bathtub. To help you decide which one suits your lifestyle the best, here are the pros and cons of both methods:


Bathtubs pretty much require a lot more space than showers and the smallest bath tubs measure about 72 inches long and 30 inches wide, which is fine if you have a spacious bathroom in your home, or are planning to expand your bathroom.

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However, if you’re staying in a space constrained apartment, then a shower stall would be a better bet as showers only occupy a maximum of 36 inches by 48 inches, making room for other fixtures and features. If you don’t want to settle for a regular shower stall, you can opt to install a spa shower system with multiple creative shower heads.

Water Conservation

It would appear quite obvious that bath tubs use much more water than showers. and if you only have a bathtub that doesn’t have a shower built into it, you can always install a shower system at the head of your tub or add a shower area so that you don’t have to fill the tub up for a bath every day, and have the option of showering instead.

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If you have a shower, but want to save even more water, then you can install a low-flow shower head which is widely available in this day and age.

Safety and Accessibility

While bathtubs offer a fun bath time alternative for small children, it poses a challenge to the elderly, disabled and those with limited mobility. Bathtubs also tend to be very slippery and you’ll need to place non-slip mats within the tub and directly outside it to help maintain stability as you climb in and out. In certain places, a handle bar will come in handy.

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Showers are easier to access and in order to increase safety, install tiles or flooring that offer more grip, rather than having smooth tiles. Get quotes from professional contractors here.

Home Resale Value

bathtub on marble floor in bathroom

Families, especially those with children, often prefer a home with a bath tub as it allows them to bathe their children more easily. The homes with bathtubs or both baths tubs and showers tend to sell more easily and at a higher price compared to homes with just a shower stall.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Bath tubs take very long to fill up and you’ll have to wait patiently, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea especially if you come home tired and just want to feel refreshed in a jiffy. However, bath tubs are good for long relaxing soaks that are great for tired muscles, which is wonderful if you have the time.

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Showers are more suitable for those who live rather fast-paced lives and want a quick cool down after a working day or a weekend outing and don’t really appreciate long hours spent soaking in a tub.

If you really can’t decide between bath tubs and a shower, why not have both in your home (if you can fit them in that is). Both tubs and showers have their own benefits and charm and are suitable for different needs depending on your situation. To help you renovate and beautify your bathroom, you can always reach out to some of the renovators here on Kaodim.

written by Michelle Chee