Simple Ways To Model Your Home After Euro 2016 Stars

cristiano ronaldo's penthouse living room in new york cityCristiano Ronaldo’s penthouse in the Trump Tower on 5th Ave

What is spacious, elegant and completely out of our price points? The luxurious homes of Euro 2016 stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Mesut Ozil, of course!

Portugal’s pride and joy, Cristiano splashed a whopping $18.5 mil on his New York penthouse, which is situated in the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue and overlooks the panoramic expanse of Manhattan. As for German football player Mesut, his fancy mansion in central London is designed with ceiling-to-floor windows, which welcomes plenty of sunlight during the day.

Cristiano Ronaldo is reported to have a grand net worth of $230 mil, while Mesut Ozil has an estimated net worth of more than $70 mil, which explains why they can bathe their homes in sheer luxury without batting an eyelid.

Don’t feel bad if you can’t afford their homes. We can’t either, not even with all our salaries combined. But here are some simple and affordable tips to model your apartments after these Euro 2016 soccer stars’ fancy pads!

dining area cristiano ronaldoOne of Cristiano Ronaldo’s dining areas in his NYC penthouse

Install Fancy, Floor-Length Curtains

Add a touch of class to your space by installing floor-length drapes, similar to what Cristiano did in his penthouse. Of course he’s got nice glass windows and a gorgeous view to back it up, but having beautiful curtains will put a classy spin on your room. Textures like satin or embroidered baroque will boast regality and elegance.

cristiano ronaldo's living room Cristiano Ronaldo’s TV room in his NYC penthouse

Choose A Cool Theme

Start off with a theme in mind. Cristiano decided to cosy up one of his living rooms by lining his walls with framed black and white photographs and matching sofa and cushions. Notice how he intentionally picked light cream paint for the walls because he did not want to create a noisy-looking space or steal any attention away from the black and white elements of his room. You could do that too. Pick a theme and make sure that the rest of the room supports the colours and designs you have chosen.

beautiful dining area of mesut ozilMesut Ozil’s dining area in his London mansion

Position Your Dining Table In The Middle Of The Room

Mesut Ozil centered his long banquet table right beneath the light fixtures, thanks to the ample space in his dining room. But if you struggle with a cluttered dining area, maybe it’s time to tidy things up and allocate a fraction of space around the dining table, so that it remains the grand focus of the room.

mesut ozil living areaMesut Ozil’s living room in his London mansion

Install Built-In Ceiling Lights

Built-in ceiling lights, as small and discreet as they may appear to be, actually make a huge difference in your home. These practical, space-efficient gems will light up the area in a soft, gentle glow, without casting an unimposing glare that is common of fluorescent lights.

cristiano bathroom penthouseCristiano Ronaldo’s bathroom in his NYC penthouse

Get A Marble Countertop For Your Bathroom

Jazz up your bathroom with a nicely polished marble countertop. Blessed with a naturally cool temperature and a classy appearance, marble is the perfect surface texture for your bathroom countertop. It is also proven to be sustainable throughout time.

mesut ozil bar area londonMesut Ozil’s bar in his London mansion

Create Your Own Mini Bar

Men are going to dig Mesut Ozil’s home bar, complete with a fresh stock of alcohol and fancy bar stools to boot! You don’t need to go to great lengths to own a bar like that. You could make do with the nice kitchen counter that you already have simply by adding a few good-looking bar stools, or if you’d like to take it up a notch, then have a house contractor remodel a small section of your home so you can incorporate a mini bar into your space.

So, who said you need to be making big bucks to afford a lovely, elegant home? All you really need is some design inspiration, a love for interior design, and of course, an idea of the kind of personality or atmosphere that you want your home to give off. Anything can be achieved with passion!

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