Singapore Covid-19 Phase 2 Restrictions

With community cases rising in the country, the Government has decided to tighten its restrictions on movement and activities. Residents are urged to stay at home and only go out for essential reasons. Effective 16 May to 13 June, Singapore will be under Phase 2 (Heightened Alert).

The restrictions are listed below:

Social gatherings and interactions
  • Only 2 people per group
  • Up to 2 unique household visitors a day
  • 2 social gatherings per day (whether to another household or in a public place) 
  • Grandchildren being cared for by grandparents are not included in the number of household visitors or social gathering per day 
  • Work from home as the default 
  • No cross deployment
  • Social gatherings not allowed 
Food and Beverage
  • Dining-in is prohibited 
  • Only takeaway and delivery allowed
Business Operations 
  • Occupancy limit will be reduced to one person per 16 sqm of gross floor area 
  • Services which require masks to be removed are to be ceased
  • Schools will remain open
Recreation activities
  • Strenuous indoor and outdoor exercise classes involving more than two people are not allowed
  • Parks will remain open

For more details visit the Singapore Government website and follow whatsapp for daily updates. 

In the meantime, the Government will be raising its Covid testing, contract tracing and vaccinations. Many different tests have been made available for cheaper, so more routine testing can be done. Contact tracing also will be done more quickly and widely. Vaccination delivery will be sped up over the next two months. Everyone is encouraged to get vaccinated, especially the elderly. 

This is the new normal and we must do our part to keep everyone safe!