7 Smart Ways To Partition Your Space Without Concrete Walls

Create a more fluid design for your home by partitioning it using removable or movable partitions, like a bookcase, screen, drapes, curtain, and more. These types of partitionings are more flexible, as you can remove them to create larger spaces.

Partitioning a room with something other than a solid wall has many benefits, as it allows you the choice and flexibility whether to open it up for a more spacious area, or close it off for more privacy. So if you’re lacking space in your apartment, check out these awesome ideas:

1. Foldable screens

Photo credit : Apartment Therapy
Photo credit: Apartment Therapy

Foldable screens are usually made out of lightweight material and are rather easy to manage. Find one that’s made out of bamboo, rattan, fabric and other natural products so they’ll freshen up your home decor. You should also get one with non-metallic wheels so that you don’t have to risk scratching your floor when you drag it across the room.

2. Bookshelves or shelves

Photo credit : Home Decoration
Photo credit : Home Decoration

Bookshelves can create ‘borders’ without actually cutting the spaces off from one another. They also function as a semi-wall that allows you to creatively use books and other decorative items to create a ‘semi-wall’, which is way less imposing than a full and solid partition.

3. Divider curtains

Photo credit: Modern Ceiling Design
Photo credit: Modern Ceiling Design

Curtains add a soft charm to any space, and it can offer full privacy without being permanent. Opt for bright and slightly transparent ones for a light and fluid charm to your home, rather than bulky blackout curtains.

4. Modern Japanese sliding doors

Photo credit: Pinterest
Photo credit: Pinterest

The Japanese were one of the first to invent the concept of flexible spaces, and they depended on sliding doors that could be opened and closed at any time. Japanese style sliding doors are great as they allow plenty of natural light in and function as a diffuser.

5. Wooden pallets 

Photo credit: surripui.net
Photo credit: surripui.net

Wooden pallets are a great way to add rustic elegance while still allowing a distinction of spaces and functions.

6. Plants

Photo credit : Design Rulz
Photo credit: Design Rulz

Plants can be turned into partitions for your home in a few ways. Get creative and arrange them to your liking!

7. Ribbons, ropes and beads

Photo credit : Brit+Co
Photo credit: Brit+Co

Ropes, ribbons and beads are affordable and totally unconventional! Infuse a bit of the 1960s into your home with some hippie- inspired ribbons, beads or ropes made of fabric.

See? Partitioning your space doesn’t have to be stressful. If you need help with any renovations at all, just submit a request and we’ll be thrilled to connect you with our service providers in Singapore.

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written by Michelle Chee