Steps We’re Taking to Keep You Safe!



The recent COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected Singapore. As service providers, we are also doing everything we can to ensure that you, our consumers remain safe. The Ministry of Health (MOH) has been taking steps to ensure that the citizens of Singapore are safe by placing additional precautions for incoming and outgoing travellers, as well as encouraging the people to take extra care of their health and hygiene. The following are the number of precautions we are taking in accordance with the guidelines provided by the MOH:

  1. In line with the Ministry of Manpower’s Entry of Approval Policy, we have taken steps to ensure that our housekeepers are healthy and free from diseases. Any worker that has been outside of Singapore in the past 3 months is to stop coming to work and will only resume their duties after medical clearance.
  2. Mandatory daily health checks are conducted for all the workers, and body temperature checks are carried out every 2 hours. 
  3. All housekeepers are provided with gloves, sanitizers, masks, as well as other protective gear during the house cleaning process. 
  4. If a cleaner is feeling unwell while on duty, they are to see a doctor right away, and only come back to work after getting clearance.
  5. The travel history of customers will be checked before we accept a service request. If a customer has travelled to China in the past 2 months, or if they are currently unwell, we will cancel or defer the request to prevent possible spread. 

We understand the danger this virus poses to you and your family, which is why we are also doing our utmost to protect you! In times like this, hygiene and cleanliness are extremely important. Make sure to regularly clean and disinfect your home by calling in our professional house cleaning service


Be sure to check the Ministry of Health’s website for the latest updates and information regarding the COVID-19 in Singapore!


Written by Jesslyn Clarissa.