5 Super Stylish Singaporean Celebrity Homes You Need To See

Do our local celebs live in mansions like those in Hollywood do? Are their condos as luxurious as we dream them to be, something like Taylor Swift’s penthouse? We’ve gathered some photos of the most stylish homes owned by Singaporean celebrities – from Jeanette Aw, Jade Seah, Pierre Png and more – along with tips on how you can achieve that #celebhomegoals:

Jeanette Aw

Photo credit: Jeanette Aw
Photo credit: Jeanette Aw

Jeanette’s kitchen looks so chic! She has opted for a clean and sleek look for her kitchen, going all white on the kitchen cabinets, table tops, and floor. These are paired with white marble walls, giving her kitchen an elegant and classy look.

Get the look: While white table tops and kitchen cabinets are affordable, the same may not apply for the installation of white marble walls. In this case, you may want to choose to decorate your kitchen with white marble wallpapers, which will be much cheaper.

Jade Seah

jade seah's living room in singapore
Photo credit: Jade Seah

We love the vintage look in Jade’s house! The purple velvet sofa and antique shelves look like they could transport you back to the 50s in the West. The arrangement is simple, yet looks classy and spacious.

Get the look: Go for vintage wooden furniture and pair them with a broad, luscious sofa.

Mark Lee

mark lee's living room
Photo credit: Singapore Press Holdings Ltd

He might be playing all the Ah Beng roles but Mark Lee is no Ah Beng when it comes to interior design. Pictured above is the comedian in his living room, where every guest’s attention is automatically drawn to the huge painting mounted on the ceiling. Mark got the idea from creative homeowners who decorate their ceilings with wallpaper, whom he has met when he was hosting an interior design show.

Get the look: If you’re daring enough, you can follow Mark’s footsteps by mounting a huge painting on your ceiling. Alternatively, there are some wallpapers with simple patterns or texture you can use to achieve this look.

Pierre Png

pierre png's room
Photo credit: Pierre Png

Pierre’s bedroom could be well be the most romantic one among his Mediacorp colleagues. Notice how he customised a headboard for the bed with curtains? This allows him to easily change the mood of the room with just a change of fabric. The dark coloured walls also create a cosy and intimate look for the room.

Get the look: Besides adding curtains, you can customise your own headboard with a simple paint job or wallpaper. You can even draw a headboard if you’re good with the paintbrush!

Andrea Chong

Drea Chong's home
Photo credit: Andrea Chong

Andrea calls this her “collector’s desk”. Besides being a storage area, it’s also a decorative piece where she displays all her travel souvenirs. See how she has arranged her books and souvenirs around a small table and chair – it’s a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Get the look: Arrange your books or boxes neatly first before you start adding decorative items onto them. Remember that you’re building a display piece, not a cluttered corner.

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written by Esther Chung