Sweet Ideas For A Candy-Inspired Home

Who said sweets are just for kids? Nothing sings “home sweet home” louder than a candy-inspired apartment, bursting at the seams with sweet, pastels and quirky patterns that prove to be miraculous mood boosters after a crazy day outside. So get ready for a sugar rush! 

Here are 5 delicious ways to transform your space into a lovely candy wonderland.

Spread Creamy Pastels Over The Walls

candy pastel wall apartmentPhoto credit: pinterest.com

Creamy colours like chiffon pink, butter yellow, soft mint and luscious lilac are just a fraction of the pastel palette! But don’t overwhelm every wall with colour or your entire apartment might look like a scene from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. Instead, offset these soft shades with crisp white, as the gentle contrast allows the pastels to stand out nicely.

Style Your Home With Carpets

aztec rug colorful living roomPhoto credit: pinterest.com

Play up the candidness with fun-looking carpets, like the one featured above. This Aztec-inspired rug with bold pops of colours claims a good amount of attention in the room. And if you’re worried about carpet care, one of our carpet cleaners at Kaodim will be more than happy to help you with your concerns!

Play With Polka Dots

polka dot interior designPhoto credit: nursery.mybentolunch.com

Polka dots are timeless in their simplicity. Thanks to its retro influence, this versatile design can add a classic spin to your home when paired properly. A polka dot wallpaper goes well with almost anything – colourful pillows, mirrors and white-paneled windows, while polka dot pillows are a nice accent against the light-hued walls. Choose the size of the dots based on the size of the room. They work best as a feature wall, because an entire room wallpapered in polka dots could be a little disorienting.

Flourish With Colorful Furniture

colourful interior designPhoto credit: pinterest.com

Boost the cheeriness of your home with colorful furniture! Don’t be afraid to add vibrant-looking sofas or tables into the mix, because they’re bound to brighten up the room with a splash of modernism.

Sweeten Up With Cushions

colourful inspiring cushionsPhoto credit: aliexpress.com

Cushions add texture to your home, and you can either go for pastel-coloured ones or those with vivid designs and colours. And don’t forget about patterned cushions with inspirational quotes printed across the front, because they are the best. Spruce up your sofa with a bunch of these cheerful cushions!

So, feeling the urge to transform your home into an irresistible candy-coloured world? We can connect you to our home renovators who will provide you valuable insights on what you should and shouldn’t do in the process of revamping your home. Just submit a request on Kaodim.sg and you’ll receive free quotes from service professionals so you can compare prices and choose the ones you deem best for the job!

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