This is Why Leaky Pipes Will Ruin Your Home

Do you smell that funky smell coming from your kitchen sink? It could mean that your kitchen sink is leaking. In case you didn’t know, leaky pipes can actually ruin your home!

The problem with mould

Singapore is humid. Humidity and dampness combined make the perfect breeding ground for mould.

Mould needs moisture to thrive, and it doesn’t need sunlight, which makes the bottom of your kitchen sink nirvana if there’s even a little leak. No one wants mould growing around their home, as it can cause a variety of illnesses and onset allergies. Spores from the mould can be a trigger in young children prone to asthma and upper respiratory problems.

Second, foundation

Alright, maybe you a small corner of your ceiling looking a little darker than the surrounding area. Overtime that little patch is starting to grow. CALL A PLUMBER. Leaks in your ceiling or walls can cause foundation damage and compromise the structural integrity in your home. Now, you don’t want your ceiling collapsing or your walls rotting, get help ASAP.

Third, damage to other pipes

Lastly, a leak in one pipe can be a warning sign that there are problems in other pipes around your home. There might be a clog further down the line that’s causing a buildup of water with nowhere to go, thus causing a leak from the pressure over time. This pressure might lead up to a burst pipe, which will lead up to problems that are way worse than ones from a small leak.

Leaky pipes can trigger health issues if left unattended, and also can have serious implications for the structure on which your home is built on.

Most times, we don’t even know if there is a leak in our home until it’s too late.

Don’t wait for the warning signs, get one of Kaodim’s plumbers to come in and take a look at your pipes if there is a cause for concern. If you already have a leaky pipe, what are you waiting for? Click here to get one of our plumbers in today!

written by Sereena Low