Top 5 Spots at Home That You Always Forget To Clean


How thoroughly do you clean your house? Cleaning is more than just sweeping and mopping the open areas; it’s more than just wiping and polishing cabinets and table tops.

There are a few places in your house that we’re pretty sure you have not cleaned for at least a year. Some people may not have even cleaned these places at all! But the longer these places stay ignored, the more they collect dust and bacteria, which puts the hygiene of your home at risk.

Here are five common places that you’ve always missed:

1. Under Your Furniture

Photo credit: Jackson Veigel

Can you remember the last time you moved a heavy furniture and cleaned the floor under it? It must have been too long ago. This is the place where dust bunnies like to hide, which could trigger allergies.

You don’t necessarily have to move your furniture to clean this area: vacuum brush attachments usually do the trick.

2.The Top Of Your Doors

Raise a finger and simply swipe the top of your room door. You probably won’t be surprised to see it covered in dirt. If ignored, the dirt will also leave marks on your door frame. Make it a habit to dust and wipe this area monthly to make sure it’s clean.

3. Your House Phone

red house-phone
Photo credit: Pinterest

Yes, this needs cleaning too! Your house phone is a gadget that is used by everyone at home. There’s a possibility that someone has used the phone with dirty hands, or someone speaking too near the microphone. It could be one of the dirtiest things in the house.

Use a microfibre cloth and mixture of water and mild vinegar to get rid of the possible bacteria on the phone, then wipe it with a cloth dipped in water.

4. Door Knobs

Photo credit: Home and Garden

Just like the top of doors, you’ve probably overlooked this one. Similar to house phones, door knobs are a breeding ground for bacteria due to the many hands that has come in contact with it. Wipe the door knobs regularly to make sure they’re clean.

5. The Area Behind & Underneath The Toilet Bowl

Photo credit: earosl

You probably know this but felt too grossed out to reach out to these parts, because that would require you to put your face really close to the toilet bowl. Ew! Nevertheless, these are places that you need to clean up regularly as well to prevent bacteria growth.

Use a power scrubber with an extension to give it a cleaning so that you don’t need to be so near the toilet bowl.

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written by Esther Chung